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Question on Gun Control

  • That fact that your post "seemed" civil certainly wasn't.

    Levy has consistently lambasted anything remotely liberal on this board and continues to do so, regardless of the situation.

    You chose to defend him by mentioning he didn't "sugar coat" it for the liberals. Your disdain is obvious.

    You got a laugh out of that description of conservatives? Of course, but you need to know that your comment is what I have a problem with in general, and we seem to agree. Political affiliation is not the answer.

    Every disaster brings out issues for debate. 911 spawned the Patriot Act, the largest violation of individual freedom and privacy we have had in this country. Very few people complained, and it was a conservative president that created it. I suppose given the circumstances there was not much to squawk about. I didn't like it one iota. That was an event that changed a lot of opinions.

    Maybe this incident galvanizes Levy, maybe even you, but people from a broad spectrum of political views are rethinking their view of assault weapons. If this massacre of children didn't cause you to pause for just a moment and reconsider your stance on these weapons, what can I tell you?

    I haven't said that I'm in favor of gun control, but if this incident does nothing to stir self doubt that you might be slightly wrong, yeah I'd say you're crazy. If you thought about it, but came up with valid reasons why you still hold that opinion, I may not agree with your line of thought, but you have a pulse, and thus not crazy.

  • I'd be okay with background checks, not sure about registration.

    "Don't mistake lack of talent for genius." Type O Negative

  • I see that a lot of our citizens are uniformed when it comes to gun control. I remember I was shocked in college when the ATF agent told our class their is NO database that has all guns entered by serial #s. The agen must track down guns by calling or going in person to each place the gun was sold. Also, a lot of people think guns have to be registered. Thats not the case. I work with those who have violated the law and are not allowed to have guns. For my job, I carry one for protection. I see people that have no business carrying firearms but have easy access due to straw purchases. Certain special interest groups with fight tooth and nail for any more gun regulation because they believe it is a slippery slope. I understand that thought process however many times people quite the 2nd. That right was meant for states to have the right to have a militia (National Guard). The federal gov was much weaker then and didn't get the say it does not until the 14th was passed that applied the fed stuff to the states. I think gun sales should ONLY be allowed by licensed individuals like Doctors, Lawyers, etc. Criminal background checks a must as a lot of them do. Most gun stores have no problem with this and are willing to help LEO when they think somone is straw buying. They report it to a local ATF office who will start looking at the person who is making a lot of purchases. Would not upset me in the least bit if they required special permission for certain military type weapons. I'm sorry but some of these guns are not good for home defense or hunting. They were made in wartime and that's where they belong. The mental health thing is where this issue gets tough. Due to hippa laws, it is very difficult to force medical treatment or withold rights from someone due to a medical condition. They used to have mental hospitals but most have closed so they are on the streets. Some are homeless and some end up in prison. My job deals with these guys a lot. The problem is that medical info is severaly limited on who can share it. Also run into the problem of IDing which illness disqualify... Depression? Anxiety? Bi-polar? Who is going to be the final say? What if one Dr. says one thing and another Dr. says something else. We already have that problem in court testimony. It is something that needs to be addressed but I would caution any knee jerk reactions. The fact that as horrible as they mass murders are, they are not the common practice of gun violence. It is often associates who are acquinated with each other in a dispute. The common criminal is not going to obey laws he is already committing a crime anyway. I do think they should stop feeding into the sensational reporting that many of the murderes strive for. I know thats more wishful thinking.

  • There is a common misconception of the 2nd amendment. The "militia" you speak of was not the National Guard. Every able body male between the age of 15 and 40 was required to be in the militia at the time. Read any copy of the amendment and you will find the word "State" capitalized. This does not indicate an individual state, but the country as a whole.

    One of the biggest problems we have in dealing with this issue is the common misinterpretations of the statute, passed off as fact. It seems one of the goals of certain groups involved in this is to change the meaning and intent of the rule to limit its power. Once that is accomplished, changing it or removing it is not a major issue.

    Its interesting that the OP asked a 2 part question, yet almost all of the responses have focused on background checks, and almost no one has addessed the second part of the question "registration of all guns". Potential hot button issue here, IMO.

    I'm curious if the OP means "all guns" as in all guns purchased from say June 1, 2013 forward, or "all guns" like each one owned by posters on this board, and the millions of others legally owned in the U.S? T

  • Not only is it defeatable, it's unenforceable.

    I'm not trying to be nasty, but I'm not sure you understand how many legally owned guns are out there that have not and will not be used by some nut job in a terrible tragedy.

  • Dsb. Why is it that every right enumerated in the BOR speaks to the rights of the individual except for the 2nd? LOL. Think of the mindset of the FF when they sat down to pen the Constitution and BOR, fresh from facing down a statist that desired control over their lives from an ocean away. They never wanted that here. They created the 1stA for the people to have an unfettered media and voice about their gov't.. The 2nd gave it teeth. Period.

    Greek: You claim to know what a conservative is then turn right around and call W one? LOL

  • Strictly because he was championed by the right. He was fairly moderate.

    Cheney on the other hand......but he can't tell the difference between a deer and his friend.

  • I meant all guns, though I realize that is probably unworkable(I'm also conflicted on whether I would really want this). New guns I think is at least somewhat workable but would require as another poster stated for guns to only be bought from licensed dealers. As someone else stated I think modern military technology has severely limited the ability of the average citizens to actually stand up physically to the govt. so I'm not sure if there really is a point to them not knowing anymore.

    Also as far as the RFID thing goes, I like the idea of a passive sensor in sensitive areas. Instead of placing the RFID on guns, why not have them placed on all new ammo. This wouldn't solve the issue quickly but eventually most people carrying a loaded gun into a school would be identifiable.

  • I have the solution for gun control. No need to take away guns. Juts make bullets cost 10k a pop. That way if you see someone with 4 bullets in them you would be like damn he must have messed up bad they put 40k in him