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thoughts on regional recruiting

  • miami recruits very well in the miami area...congratulations....uga does pretty good in the athens area too....i think alabama is pretty solid around tuscaloosa too...

    regional recruiting strength is not unique to miami. fact of the matter is, it takes more than just that. miami has shown very little signs of stability in the overall performance of it's athletic department and football program in recent years. you guys got tracy howard last year, and duke johnson was a big win too right? and yet you still were below average. it takes more than a couple of recruits here and there.

    fsu has been consistently in the top tier of recruiting classes since jimbo has arrived. hell, even with all of the coaching turnover, we are still at the cusp of a top ten class.....meanwhile miami's current class ranks 24th nationally.....last year's class ranked 8th, while 2011's class was not in the top 25 me some consistency. what can miami do when top recruits AREN'T graduating from BTW?

    also, I completely agree with a post made by another member talking about how a "top recruiter" is an overrated title. if coley was so untouchable in south florida, then we wouldn't have even had to compete with miami for the s.fla recruits....fsu is on the upswing while miami is fighting to gain any form of relevancy at all....why would mt6 want to go to miami over fsu right now, with the current climate of the two programs as they sit....? the name on the hats is the biggest thing that makes a recruiter elite, and miami's hats are pretty stained right may land mt6 and kirkland....but we will still have the better overall class, will still come in higher ranked, and will still spank that ass when you come to tally