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board layout thoughts

  • in light of the new changes for the boards (premium to post), which by the way I am a HUGE fan of...couple of ideas I wanted to float out there, as I have done some web/forum design in the past, these are suggestions that were once brought to my attention....

    1. Biggest thing I think the site needs is some categories for the boards....examples....
    Football Recruiting
    Basketball Recruiting
    Off Topic
    Current Season Discussions
    Gameday Threads....

    This would, in my opinion, make it easier for members to keep track of interesting posts, as they would not move off of the first page as quickly if they were broken into categories....I for example care little to nothing about basketball, so when I see a post about basketball, I can't help but to think to myself "wonder what topic got bumped off of the first page to make room for this post"

    2. Updates for the mobile site. I use the mobile site quite a bit, but the overall design is a bit lacking. For example, I can't see how many pages a post has on it until I actually go into the post. Honestly, I would LOVE to see a mobile app designed, or possibly tapatalk integration.....

    Just some thoughts....other than that, this is the only site I have or would pay for. You guys are awesome!

  • I've always hated that there is no segregation. I have absolutely zero to negative interest in every other FSU sport, so basketball and baseball nonsense clogging up the same board as recruiting and football is pretty cruddy in my opinion.

    I think they gave some sort of site traffic reason as to why there is no multiple boards, but man......it's pretty terrible.

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