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Why are people not ecstatic with our season so far?

  • I'm pretty happy with the season so far. At the beginning of the season I thought we could go undefeated but I also knew that was a little unrealistic haha. The loss to NC State really sucks but oh well. I'm mostly just pissed about how much the media is all over the SEC (kinda like the media all over the Pres haha). Jenkins and Thompson going down in their senior seasons are real bummers but some other guys have stepped up. 9-1 is pretty damn good though. Maryland next week to make it 10-1 with a showdown with UF in Tally. We beat them and it's a statement win. Take care of the ACCCG and that's a great season. I don't think we will have any trouble with Louisville. They beat USF, FIU, Southern Miss and Cinci by 7 or less. Be mad at a 9-1 season on the way to 13-1 season? That's cray lol

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  • Forgot ok st in big 12

  • Where nine and one were to go to a BCS bowl and the coaches and media all houses ranked as the first team outside of the top five.

    There's just no pleasing a lot of you guys. It's worse than Notre Dame was when they were firing good coaches Because the fans had unrealistic expectations about how many games they should be winning

    Sorry about the verbiage I'm using that the talk text thing

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  • Here is the thing anybody other than a casual fan knows this years team should be performing at a higher level irrespective of the win/loss record.

    ** If you do not agree with this stop reading **

    5th year Qb, number of returning players, weak schedule one of the best place kickers and an awesome def, very impressive prior years recruiting classes.

    O line was the big question coming into the year. OL has probably exceeded expectations although there is still room for significant improvements.

    The results have been great 9-1. The problem I have as someone other than a casual fan is knowing the talent we have compared to other teams should produce better results.

    Our offense makes it look hard even when playing lesser opponents (all 10 of them). At what point during the Clemson game did you feel we had the game. Did you really think we kicked Miamis ass? yea we won. Did we kick VT,USF ass? no but we won.

    The team primarily the offense has not jelled into the playing unit with the potential that we know is achievable. This is the cause for dissatisfaction.

    We are going to have a great year and achieve many goals that have alluded FSU for many years. As a football team as in any endeavor in life one should not be satisfied with just getting by.

    It is OK to admit we have not played to our potential CJF will continue to perfect his coaching and the next cycle when the stars align themselves in our favor he will do better..


    Life is good. Now lets go win another championship.

  • i'm good with how this season has gone. i predicted 11-3 before the year. looks like, at this point, we'll exceed that.

    never thought we'd be this explosive on offense with this oline. granted now we're much less explosive without CT. we're a much better offense than last season. do we play perfect every week? no. but we're pretty damn good and #1 in the nation in yards per play. who saw that coming?

    defense is better than last year and that's without having it's best player all year, and it's #2 cb and best punt returner (we miss him so much on special teams btw). #1 in total defense and that's with playing some pretty good offenses.

    we're on pace to do this year what we all have been wanting to for so long. we want to be "back." well, looks like we're well on our way. with a very likely conference championship and final ranking of 3-5 if we win out. maybe higher if things bounce our way.

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  • You are right on with this. The Pac-10 is no better than the ACC in my opinion. The Big 10 is worse.
    Both Clemson and FSU are better than any Big 10 team. The SEC is better, but they are not a dominant conference either. Tamu was an average team last year and now they are a great SEC team? Don't buy it. Alabama is no where near as good as they were last year on defense. LSU is worse on both sides of the ball than last year. Florida has no offense even against really weak opponents. Georgia hasn't looked good all year with the exception of last week. USCe is not a great team and has shown it. Arkansas is really bad. Miss. State, not even close to being great.

    FSU is favored against all of them except Alabama at a neutral site. I'd say we would beat K State and give Oregon a good game.

    Expectations for a college football team are just unreasonable from many of our fan base.
    Enjoy the ride, take the wins, mourn the losses and move on.

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  • Our schedule is so bad. It's tough to get excited for Duke, BC, Wake, Murray St, Savannah St, Maryland, NC State. Our most exciting games have been Clemson and a 4-6 VT team. Not to mention we haven't really seemed to get better. These last couple of weeks will be fun though.

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