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Why I think the new staff is an upgrade for the TEAM

  • Although I have yet to see the performance of the team on the field under the new staff, I am willing to go out on a limb and say that the team will be better off as a whole. The reason I am willing to say this is because I think Jimbo will have much more RESPECT for the staff, which will allow him to delegate and lead rather than micro-manage.

    I don't think the past staff was poor by any means, but I think it's pretty obvious that Jimbo didn't give the coaches the respect that a HC needs to. Look at each change in position coach we've had thus far...

    *****Realize that I'm writing this from Jimbo's perspective, and not my own*****

    DJ Elliot for Sal Sunseri: While DJ was a fantastic coach, he was young and came from Rice. Sunseri, on the other hand, has spent a bunch of time in the NFL coaching some elite players like Julius Peppers and Kris Jenkins, coached under Saban at Bama, and was a coordinator at Tennessee.

    Mark Stoops for Jeremy Pruitt: This is probably a wash, but there are a lot of rumors of Fisher and Stoops butting heads often and Jimbo wanting to be more multiple in his defensive looks. Pruitt spent time under Saban as well, and we all know how much Jimbo wants FSU to become Bama South.

    Greg Hudson for Charles Kelly: At the time of the hire, Hudson seemed like a great fit. But there were obviously issues here and it's pretty safe to say that Jimbo will have more respect for Kelly. Kelly is also a terrific ST coach.

    Eddie Gran for Randy Sanders: Gran is a good person, an ace recruiter, and a good RB coach but Sanders is older, more experienced, and has called plays in the SEC for over the past decade.

    James Coley for Billy Napier: While both are young, fantastic recruiters. Napier comes from a pro-style background, while Coley prefers an uptempo spread type attack. If one of these guys were to take the reigns of the offense someday, I would expect Jimbo to prefer the pro-style attack. Napier probably won't leak quite as much to the media either...

    Dameyune Craig for ???: This is probably a wash because Jimbo coaches QB's and this is basically a lot for an ace recruiter.

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  • I think you're on to something. It may be one of the reasons Jimbo was so strict in not letting coaches talk etc...because he didn't have full faith in all of them. He likely has reasons to trust all these guys more than the previous staff.

  • The new staff is an upgrade in the coaching department and just as good if not better in recruiting imo.

  • I think a lot of people fail to realize that the letters "FSU" on your shirt make you a very good recruiter from the get go. FSU is still a top program in a talent rich state. A couple top 5 finishes with a title run in there and watch out. That will be the difference that gets those 2-5 kids that really put your class and team into the next level.

  • When a person shows you who they are, believe it the first time.

    I'm not saying Jimbo can't change, but I think it will be an uphill battle for him. There are multiple stressors at play.

    The poster formerly known as 31-7. Understood by few, known by many, loved by all.

  • Agree with virtually all of your post, NorthStar.

    My opinion regarding the rumors: Throughout the year I kept hearing how upset coaches were with Jimbo and visa versa (which you addressed in the quote above). I don't know if the rumors were true or not but I don't doubt that there were heated discussions throughout the season ... I'd be shocked if there weren't. In fact, I'd be surprised if there weren't heated disagreements between head coaches and their DCs and OCs on virtually every team.

    But the fact that Eliot and Gran stayed with the team and Jimbo to help until after the Orange Bowl and that Stoops helped Jimbo game plan for the bowl game suggests to me that there wasn't the discord and enmity among the assistants and Jimbo that some people proclaimed.

    Considering that every assistant coach who left moved up in title and are now making more money (I assume), my guess is that these coaches are -- or should be -- feeling pretty good about Jimbo ... and thankful that he gave them the opportunity that allowed them to move up.

  • I can agree with everything but Stoops and Pruitt being a wash... Stoops took this D and turned it completely around... I think people forget 2009 when we had probably the worse D in FSU history.. At this time with Pruitt having never called a defense b4 you have to say that's a downgrade or incomplete