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Who Should Play For National Title?

  • That bias can be translated into the will of the people on both sides of the coin (ie: what people believe/want to happen)...

    In my opinion, this works two-fold.

    1) If you are making a judgment, the best/most universal motivator that causes you to make the most careful consideration...and try to be unbiased (money)
    2) If people's judgments are proven correct, they tend to be happier. The will of the people can be best served by filling the playoffs with the top 4/8 teams that would do the best in vegas (be favored against the most teams)... The largest amount of fans made happy would be maximized under this approach.

    For example, as our system currently stands, we would allow Notre Dame to play in a 4-team playoff over a lot of teams Vegas would have favored.

    This makes Notre Dame fans happy.
    This makes Notre Dame haters sad.
    This makes unbiased fans disappointed, because the majority of them realize it's not the most competitive team that can be fielded.

    Where as, if we picked the Vegas favorite, Notre Dame fans would be sad, Notre Dame haters would be happy... and unbiased fans (the vast majority) would be happy because it would provide the most competition.