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Where Is Florida State In Early Top 25 for 2013?

  • I'm sure your post get you much E-cred on the ghetto-centric Gatorbait but are meh on a board most of us pay for
    I can look up your roster on the webz and get real info about them, not a list of names you just spew

    Way to all cap "hello" Real gay.

  • beat fsu @ home, didnt play play clemson but sc did and they won beat them by like 30 A&M and LSU would be the other teams and you played ga tech and niu to get those rings thats who i was talkin about yea those 4 are better then those 2

    clemson is a good team tho im not gonna argue against that

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  • I didn't realize we were using who we beat and who they beat for logic. In that case, we beat USF, who beat UConn, who beat Louisville, who beat you, so we must be better than you guys. Also, While we're comparing teams, is Louisville better than LSU?

    I can't quite figure out this complicated math, so let's just stick with results: You're 1 spot ahead of us in the media poll (AP) and 2 behind us in the coaches (USA Today). I generally trust coaches opinions over the media, but let's call it a tie - I'm a generous man. You're also 2 spots behind us in the who's got rings poll.

    You did beat us head to head, a day when our QB turned the ball over 4 times. It also happened to be the day our QB saw his mother for the first time since she started cancer treatment - but there are no excuses in football, you definitely got the W - which wasn't exactly the case for your last game of the season.

    I'm sure you're proud of your team, they had a good season, but the previous 2 years FSU beat UF, didn't win their conference, and didn't win a BCS game. I know what it's like to beat your rival, but neither win your conference (or division) or a BCS game - and it's unsatisfying. At least in those years we won our bowl.

    I wouldn't trade you for a second. We got 2 rings this season, you guys got zero. And, I highly doubt you'd rather beat FSU vs winning your conf and a BCS game. You'd win your conf and a BCS game even if it meant losing to FSU - every time (unless you simply don't like winning).

    I know it hurts. Hell, if we lost to a Big East team I'd probably be looking to lash out at any team we beat as well. But, you might want to find someone who didn't have a better season than you. They wont be able to point out that despite a season where you guys over achieved, the most you have to show for it is beating a rival - no division win, no conference win, no bowl win, and a loss to your other rival (UGA). Try LSU, they also didn't win their division, and lost their bowl game, so you'll probably have some luck harassing them.

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  • i did that 1 time just cuz we didnt play clemson and sc did lol im pretty damn happy with our wins last yr i wasnt excited when the UL game was announced so its kinda hard to care that we lost

    this aint some delusional thought before bowl games everybody was saying we had the best resume in the country and had the best wins

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  • now that I can relate two. both of our match-ups were lose-lose situations. It'll be nice when there's a playoff instead.

    Also, I'm honestly happy that you guys had a good season. It's nice when our game has national championship implications. I mean, I hate that it makes recruiting against you more of a pain, but I much prefer it when our game makes national headlines - unlike when we play Miami and no one but FSU and Miami fans bother to tune in.

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  • That's what most FSU fans said about Ponder before Jimbo came along.

    It's just that article after article after article (local and national) talk about the battle between Winston, Coker and Trickett as if Mcguire simply doesn't exist. My recollection of him was that he was very bright, accurate, had good pocket presence, and a really good arm. His throwing motion however, looked to need some work.

    The fact that Mcguire came to FSU knowing full well that Winston was coming tells me something about him. I wouldn't write his career off yet.