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What is your reaction to talk of ACC/Big12 "alliance"

  • On a somewhat related note, talks are underway for ND to add a 6th ACC annual game with its traditional rival Pitt.

    As for the B12/ACC thing, its beneficial the years you get OU and UT (well to the extent you'l get a sellout) but I don't see any others generating that level of excitement from the b12, MAYBE WVU.

  • About the Big12, I agree... to some extent.

    The upcoming match-up against OSU seems to be getting a decent level of excitement.

    I think the excitement with moving to the Big12 should only be if we go with at least 3 other ACC teams, and ideally 5 others.

    The prospect that excites me, and I would think most FSU fans, is taking the most desirable ACC match-ups and moving them all to the Big12. That way, we could actually play those teams frequently, and add on those Big12 teams that bring interest.

    A move of FSU, Clemson, Miami, GT, VT, NCSt/UofL (while highly unlikely) would bring almost all the desired ACC match-ups with us, and allow us to sprinkle in huge draws with OU and UT, plus other interest-producing games like WVU, OSU, KSU.

    Sorry to hi-jack thread to realignment talk.

  • Now that WVU is playing in a better league, I see them falling to a level of an Iowa St/Kansas St/Texas Tech etc or so with a breakout year only every so often. They seemed solid in the Big East, but we might just find out that they really are not all that. We'll see. You know kind of like Miami in the ACC smoke


  • I like that idea. I do not want to move there alone or with just Clemson. I definitely do not want to give up playing Miami in Baseball/Football every year either. That is very gate-like and unthinkable!


  • I know people think i am the "ACC mafia" but in this type of scenario its a no-brainer.

    problem is, it is highly unlikely you would ever get that number of teams to agree to move, so I think we support where we are at and make the most we possibly can out of it.

    Back on the ACC-B12, thing is outside of OU the rest of these teams have flaws, in the near and possibly short term.

    Texas is stuck in neutral right now, and they would look like Tennessee (Phil Fulmer) if they tried to axe Brown, and well we see how that worked for Tennessee.

    Okie St, I just am not sold on long term, they had one break out year, and I think a lot of the excitement of our game with them, comes from our side, besides OU owns that state.

    I think its fair to say when Bill Snyder finally retires, K-State is hurtin, because the previous two times did not go well.

    I am not sure what to make of WVU just yet, they seemed very average as the yr went on.

    TCU, see WVU.

    Baylor, unless RG4 is coming along soon, I don't see them as more than a .500 program.

    Maybe its just me, but I don't get a lot of "Must See" games out of it, I think the ACC should look at expanding the deal with the SEC, we already have 3-4 annual matchups going on with that conference, the ACC just needs to win more of them.

  • Expanding the ACC-SEC match-ups could have very bad effects. The SEC is deeper than the ACC, and I feel that the ACC's reputation would be hurt even more if additional teams were to play.

    FSU v. UF
    Clemson v. USCe
    GT v. UGa
    Wake v. Vandy
    UofL v. Kentucky

    Who do we add?
    Bama v. VT?
    LSU v. UNC?
    A&M v. Miami?

    Maybe we could try to get only Ole Miss, Miss St., Missouri?

    My idea (and this is probably crazy) is to make a scheduling agreement with Big East, C-USA, or Sunbelt, etc. Maybe if ESPN is willing to pay for an improved game (FSU v. Houston/ECU/ULM instead of FSU v. Chatt/Wofford/SSU), we could convince them to play non-return games with ESPN footing the bill for us.

    That would significantly help our SOS by eliminating FCS games, and maybe it would help other ACC teams get wins OOC.

  • Here's another way to look at the alliance.

    This preliminary alliance might not put FSU against an OU, TX or OSU every year. What if some years FSU got a home game one of the lesser Big12 schools (Iowa State, KS, Texas Tech, Baylor). Instead of that years marguee game, the Big12 game replaced one of our lesser out of conference games (think Citadel or Wofford). Doesn't a matchup like that also enhance the schedule to some degree as well? Not as much obviously but seeing one of those teams roll through tallahassee once every ten years does interest me more than some of our lesser out of conference opponents.

    Jerry Kutz is Sr. VP of Seminole Boosters and was co-founder and columnist of the Osceola. Contact jkutz@admin.fsu.edu or 850-644-4612.

  • It does, which is why I always thought jumping to the B12 by ourselves or with just one more team just for more cash (and not even sure how much more) was a bad idea, cause then we'd be stuck with another ho-hum conf slate, save maybe 2-3 games (much like now, well until 2014 anyway). This way we can stick a toe in, and not have to worry about being stuck.