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Trench Notes...

  • Miami:

    That game felt eerily like the NC State game early in fourth but we did what we had to do, overcame numerous mistakes, by us and the dreadful officiating crew(the last I’ll talk about them).

    OL: we basically could do anything we wanted to do to Miami up front. Once we stopped turning the ball over and EJ settled down, we dominated the LOS and played keep away with a balanced attack.

    Cam-some people worried about him against Chickillo and their soph DE did a nice job on a few plays when we ran outside stretch. Cam either needed to get a better push or the defender slightly turned so our RB could make a cut. But Cam engulfed all of Miami’s DE’s in pass pro and was very good in the run game including a nice block on an option play with 14 minutes left in the 4rth. He has played very good football two weeks in a row and seems to have turned the corner after a few off weeks. Hart was solid against Chickillo on his one rep in pass pro.

    Matius-he was penalized three times and the 3 and 1 is a killer before the half. The holding call was on a trap play and he basically spun around their LB and just mauled him to the ground. From the TV angle, I couldn’t see if he had jersey, but if you call that one, I have a page of 30+ on Miami. Otherwise, he was very good. He had a pancake at the second level with 5min left in the 1rst, was good again on a LB on our first TD and made a nice trap block similar to the one he was called for holding later, on our second TD. He has to clean up some of the silly stuff, but he was more disciplined watching stunts and blitzes in pass pro and physically was impressive.

    Stork-He had the bad snap in the 4rth quarter(although it wasn’t uncatchable, EJ was looking down field already-or zone read and took his eye off of it) and he left the NT in no man’s land on the middle screen that otherwise was blocked well and could have hit big. He either has to let the NT up field or get a push on him and make room for the WR, but I also blame the timing and spacing and that is a coaching issue. But otherwise, he played a very good game, combining with the OG’s to give EJ a clean pocket and a nice job in the running game. He made a few excellent cut blocks at the second level, one on Lonnies run with 1320 left in the second and on an option with 14 minutes left in the 4rth. He also had a strong block on Wilders 20 yard run (930, 3rd) and on our second TD.

    Jackson-He started the day strong with a pancake on our first run and was solid for most of the game, but he had a few plays that I’m sure he would like to have back. Miami ran a blitz in our right B gap with two LB’s and he was doubling on the nose, but he probably could have peeled off when Stork had complete control and EJ was forced into a quick incomplete because they had more than we had to block.
    With 130 left in the second, we ran Freeman and blocked it perfectly, however, Jackson needed more of a push and if he got it, the play with have hit for 15+. Later in the third, on 2ncd and goal, Tre got stuck on a DL which slowed his release to the second level and allowed Wilder to get hit by an unblocked LB for a loss. That is where OL coaches teach the OL to use a rip or a swim to get out to the second level. He also had a trap play that could have worked with 5 minutes left in the third, where he just hit their DL on the wrong shoulder and it allowed the DL to string it out and get help from the perimeter for a minimal gain. But overall, he made several excellent blocks, including a pancake on the play after the idiot ran onto the field, on Wilder’s 20 yard run and on our second TD. I hate to be nit picky with such a good football player, but Tre has set the bar high and I expect more from him, even if this is his first year as a starter. He plays like a vet, both mentally and physically.

    Watson-we are a different team with him out there. He probably should have adjusted on the 3rdand 7 sack in the third allowing Miami’s LDE a free shot at EJ, but I’m not sure what protection was called, he clearly was blocking the man in the B gap(inside). But every time he blocked who he was supposed to, the Miami player barely got of the line and he was again a man in the running game. He controlled Chickillo on our second run from scrimmage, made a nice block on Freemans run with 13 minutes left in the 4rth, a good seal on EJ’s run a few minutes later and then a violent cut off with 9 minutes to play on a big gain by Lonnie. If he can finish out the year strong, there is no reason he shouldn’t make an All League team.

    DL: I thought Miami’s OL was good, but obviously not as good as our DL.

    Werner-despite his stellar weekly play, he finally got back into the sack column(1.5). But his play of the game(and maybe the play of the game) came late on the draw play when Miami was still hanging around. That could have scored. He also had an early penetration that strung the run wide and a tfl from 27. Then in the third had a pressure from the right side on an inside move and drew a holding call. He drew another call later on a 3rd and 7 on 77(Miami converted), but that was actually a horrible call by the refs. But they were at a point where it was 121 yards penalized for us and just 5 for Miami and they were just trying to make it look like less of a conspiracy(so much for not talking about the refs). The sack came on a complete disregard of a 325lb 5* OL. Another day at the office for the Germinator.

    Tank-he started the game with a tackle on a backside squeeze when he was unaccounted for(bad idea Miami). He lost contain on the first TD, but only because he was mugged by the LT. It’s one thing on the backside, but if the hold creates the space for a TD run, can you please call it? He was later held by the TE, but still made the tackle at the LOS. He had a few pressures on the game and a few more tackles when he was squeezing. His plays of the game IMO were chasing Morris down for a sack after he broke their LT’s ankles with an outside move and then hustling back to tackle Morris on the halfback option.

    Newberry,-he lost containment with 9minutes left in the first on a play that should have been a sack . But I saw good things out of him late, getting the edge quickly, but when he moved over to the left side.

    Edwards- I think the half a sack could go a long way for the rest of the season. On the play he made a powerful inside move, was held, but still finished. Earlier he had a pressure and late in the game he smelled out a screen, followed the RB and made the tackle near the LOS. Sometimes he gets preoccupied in the one on one battle with the OL and loses focus on the ballcarrier, but it seems like the light is coming on, lets hope he can grow from it.

    Dawkins-he comes to work every Saturday and never cheats you with his effort. He made a nice shed and tackle on the play Jernigan did his Hulk Hogan on their OL. A little later he had a pressure after a nice rip move, another one on an outside stunt with Tank and one late in the game. He has really become an excellent football player and should be rewarded for it by the ACC after the season.

    Amp-he came back after the injury which was a great sign, but it didn’t seem he played with his normal energy, probably because Miami threw the ball more times than not and Amp is usually told to stay back and spy from a controlled rush. Miami also ran on the perimeter almost exclusively, knowing they couldn’t block our DT’s. The one play he made was a nice shed and tackle near the line, but it’s the one he got hurt on. I think it was either a shoulder or an head knock. Maybe this weekend against Duke we can rest him a little, although Duke is playing well and have momentum.

    Timmy-it was the stat stuffer game for him, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t effective. He had the early pressure that Newberry got stuck inside which should have been a sack had it been played correctly. The body slam no call was the right call, because their OL was blocking him well after the whistle. Later in the game he helped clean up a screen and did a good job all night with his hands beating blocks and fighting double teams. If there is a better NT around, I haven’t seen him play this year.

    DMac-watching live I thought it was a pretty quiet night for Demonte, but watching again, I was wrong. He had the pressure on the strip sack, got a QB hit on a stunt, made a backside tackle on 2ncd and 4 before the half and another pressure shortly after. He drew a holding call on their Center from a 3-4. With 430 left in the fourth, he had yet another pressure and later beat their LG like a drum on Werner’s sack. I think he actually got Morris attention right away and he started looking for room to move and not on his WR, which allowed 95 to eat him up. I think the most impressive thing is how he can sink his hips and change direction when he loops outside on stunts. I for one, think he can play DE here. Maybe we will see it next year if needed.

    Goldman-he played a few meaningful reps and while he didn’t make any plays, he is competing with the necessary aggression now, something I didn’t think he did in the beginning of the year.

    NLS-he just gets better every week. He combined with Demonte for a pressure and moves well enough to stunt with and get outside.

    My favorite play of the game was the strip sack. We had 22 and 7 with their hands in the dirt at DE and 95 and 91 were standing up as ILB. Those are the types of wrinkles that I like to see. I know why mess with a good thing, but at the same time, keep the OL guessing. Id actually like to see some Prowler. If you don’t know where guys are going to line up, how can you call the protection with any accuracy?

    Overall, we need to play better, however it’s hard to get in a rhythm when you are penalized on every other snap and the other team isn’t. But we got out of there alive and are in perfect position to be state champ for the third year in a row.

    The one thing that bothered me from a coaching standpoint was not going for it on 4rth and short coming out of the half. Without Chris, we have to become a power running team and Miami hadn’t stopped us all night. If we picked up that first down and later scored 7, the game would have been smooth sailing from there.

  • Good grief what a post.

    Our OL could, could, be one of Americas best next year. With two superb tackles. Erving and Watson are create a players for their respective positions. They just need another offseason

  • Great job, as usual Canolee.

    I was disappointed we didn't go for the 4th down, but after thinking about it you can make an argument either way.

    If he makes it, after the next FG, we'd be up 9 making it a 2 score game when they couldn't really move the ball much.

    I would have gone for it though.

  • Canolee

    are you a football coach for a living? do you get your hands on coaches film or just rewatch all the snaps in your spare time? these writeups are way too detailed for the casual fan to pull off

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  • Oh yeah! Loved the different looks we showed on defense. I miss the prowler defense too, call a few plays like that when you're having trouble creating a pass rush, hint hint NC State game. Vanilla doesn't usually work for a whole game. Send some DBs on blitzes once in a while. I think I would shed a tear of joy if I saw a prowler set or we sent Joyner on a safety blitz a few times a game.

  • Thanks again for the great work.

  • Awesome job as always.

    Think we should start a "this week in ACC officiating thread" every week is an adventure.

  • Thanks again, everyone!

    95, I like starting Amp. He is a solid DT. I would like to see Jernigan play more passing downs, however. He is just so disruptive and has the best hands of all the DL IMO.

    fish, I loved the Prowler. I know we used it to generate a pass rush when our skill level was down, but if it worked with lesser players, why not show it once in awhile? As for NC State, we actually were getting a good pass rush. Glennon was getting rid of it quickly to his underneath WR's and had the accuracy and length to deliver the ball over our DL. But if we showed the Prowler, maybe we could have confused him into a mistake by dropping an unexpected player. I really think after we take care of Florida, our coaches are going to want to shoot themselves over that game.

    Ocal, I'm making myself sick having to watch these hacks call a game. Someone else can do it. biggrin

  • I really like NLS, he looks very quick and destructive. I'm actually surprised that we haven't gotten more pressure up the middle, in fact if a team is going to run against us it will be up the middle. Knowing that we're going to have Newberry and Edwards as our ":experienced" DE's next year I hope to see them turn the corner a little more than they have so far..

  • I honestly think we will have Jenkins back as well, not to mention Casher. I don't know if Jenkins will be healthy enough to workout for scouts before the draft, and if he is unable to do that, a lot of questions will be left unanswered and he will drop like a rock in the draft. Lisfranc injuries don't have a great track record of guys coming back and performing at their same level. I worry, even if he does come back, he won't be the same player.

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  • ville, I'm with you on NLS. He looks like he could be 'special' with some more S&C. We should have more sacks out of our DT's at this point, but we have absolutely no successful blitz package that would scare a QB up into the pocket and help our DT's production. In other words, the offense knows where the rush is coming from and have done a good job max protecting(double teaming) and yes, holding.

    I also agree on Newberry and Edwards. But I think their coming, especially Mario. I also think we look really good for the Juco. I'm also extremely high on Casher. And who knows maybe Werner or Jenkins surprise us and come back one more year.

  • Thanks as usual Canolee.

  • Canolee, do you think we will see some more blitzes as the season goes on?

    23,000 dolphins are killed every year in Japan. For pest control. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KRD8e20fBo

  • Black, my pleasure! Thanks for taking the time to read!

    Pete, I'm assuming you mean our defense blitzing? I hope so, it takes pressure off the DL. And get 7 and 22 at DE, stand up Werner and Tank and confuse the QB. The QB has so much to think about, he won't realize we switched the de's and lbs. 7 looks like Tank anyway and 22 has outrageous closing speed, if the QB is chased his way. I also liked the CB blitz. Get creative, make defense fun. Prowler, bring 20 on a play. I think the more wrinkles, the more the OL has to think, as well as the QB, the easier the battles become for our strength(DL).

  • If the Colts can stand up Freeney and get great production from him then standing up Werner from time to time won't be a bad idea at all..

  • great job canolee! I dont think Menelik leaves early, though. He's still too raw.

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  • I don't think a lack of strength is what's keeping NLS off the field.

  • Noleville, we are going it more with Werner. But we could do it more. I guess we do a good job getting teams off the field on third down, so his opportunities are somewhat limited.

    nap, thanks bud. I hope your right. NFL guys are pretty arrogant. Watson's natural ability is obvious and he is a heat seeking missile out there. I finally got Bush's video to work and watched the two pancakes on one snap.

    goog, obviously the guys in front of NLS on the depth chart are keeping him off the field. But he is only a rsfr and could use a little more strength in fighting off double teams. That being said, I'm really encouraged by his play of late. He isn't running around blocks like he did early in the year, but rather fighting through them and he has great athleticism for a NT that allows him to finish. He basically is a poor man's Jernigan right now and that is plenty good.

  • he may not play as well but brandon jenkins lined up on the field will command double teams. teams have too much respect for a guy like him even coming off an injury because of his nastiness and his resume

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