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Trench Notes...

  • BC: that was exactly the type of performance we needed coming off a loss. We didn’t play a perfect ballgame, but we play fast and aggressive and did what we had to do.

    OL: I don’t think BC has a lot of pro talent on the DL, like some of the previous DL’s we played recently, but our OL did what they were supposed to and played their most complete game of the year.

    Cam-I think sometimes you can learn from failure, but the game yesterday will go a long way in regaining his confidence if it was shaken. He pitched virtually a shut out in pass pro and was a bull in the running game. He allowed one guy up field early in the game on a 2ncd and 6, but the rest of the OL didn’t allow any penetration and created a safe pocket for EJ to step up into. On our first run of the game, Cam had a pancake and was consistently good all day. And he had an excellent lead block on a Counter with 530 left in the 3rd. The only play he had a blatant – was late in the 3rd up 38-7 when he didn’t get much of a push and Watson allowed his backside pursuit to make the tackle. He has to feel better going down to Miami and should be ready for any tricks as he is becoming more seasoned.

    Matius-like Cam and the rest of his line mates, he may have played his best game. He got tricked again by a line stunt on our first TD, but it was so slow developing, EJ had time to deliver a strike down the field. But he settled down and looked more disciplined in pass pro and did a great job run blocking. He got a great push on our 2ncd TD and later on D Free’s first run. He still has to control himself at the second level and he missed a cut off on our last scoring drive, making us settle for a FG.

    Stork-he missed a seal early in the second quarter that could have gone for a nice chunk of yards, but other than that, he was exceptional all day. He was OL of the week in the ACC against USF, but he may have played a more complete game aganst BC. The highlights were him getting a 5 yard push with 1140 left in the 2ncd and on our TD to put us up 38-7.

    Jackson-he missed a trap block on our first run of the game and over ran a LB or two at the second level, but he too was excellent yesterday. He combined with Watson for a pancake with 520 left in first, got a great push on our second TD, CT’s run with 14 minutes left in the 3rd and on Freemans first nice run.

    Watson-He played yet another excellent game in both pass pro and getting a push in the running game. He crushed the edge on the play where Stork didn’t get a good seal, mauled a LB on a Counter(had to be careful getting his arm around the defender, could have been called a hold-but I liked the aggression), and made a nice block on 8’s first run. The only think he has to work on is backside cut off. He allowed his man inside of him for a backside tackle, one of them making us settle for 3.

    Glauser- He was solid, just no where as physical as Watson when we run. I’m not sure why we saw him in the second quarter for two series?

    Backups-Hart continues to play with more physicality, Lovelady looked tough and technically sound, Barron continues to improve. As does Carter, he even made a nice block with 310 left in the first on a zone read. I think Matius may have lost his helmet the play before? I wonder was Krug banged up during the week? Overall, the backups didn’t really miss a beat when they came in. We got a push when BC knew we were running and they gave Trickett plenty of time the few times we passed.

    BC wasn’t the most difficult task of the year, but we were letter perfect in pass pro(EJ took a coverage sack 6 seconds after the snap in the 2ncd) and ran efficiently once we decided to run. They should all be feeling good going into Miami.

    DL: it probably didn’t produce as many stats as normal for our productive DL, but they played yet another very good game.

    Werner-he single handedly save our bacon on the first drive, batting a first down pass and then getting penetration and pressure on fourth down. He also got a pressure on the next series forcing their QB into our DT’s arm for a sack. And got a later pressure. We had a lot of 3 and outs and actually rotated our DL much more than usual, so that gave him a much needed blow and he should be fresh for our rival.

    Tank-He got and immediate pressure in the game and another brutal hit on the QB, but on both plays, he actually could have exploded off the ball a hair quicker. But his athleticism, power and long arms allows him to beat most blocks almost immediately. He had another pressure which almost led to an int for #7 and had a nice squeeze down tackle on the next play. He also made many plays outside, sometimes even when he was held(3rd and 2, 1030 left in 3rd). Like Werner, hopefully he is saving a few sacks for the U.

    Tosh-he doesn’t have the best skillset to stack against the run, but he showed a nice bust rushing the passer and utilizing his long arms to defeat his block and getting his arms up in the QB’s face.

    Newberry-we had him hard rushing up the field(the other DE’s as well) on some delayed runs and he has to be more disciplined keeping his outside arm free and maintaining outside leverage, but the more reps he played, the better he looked, including a nice burst on the last play of the game and a pass break up. IMO he looked better on the Left side than he has on the right side.

    Edwards-like Newberry, he just needs reps. He got off the ball well a few times and defeated his block and was grabbed by the LT. He looks to be moving much better and made an explosive squeeze down inside. I wish he had played more football to date, because we are going to need him down the stretch.

    Dawkins-he got banged early in the game by an aggressive OG, but spun off and made a tackle for a short gain. He did a good job firing low on the goal line stand and combined with Timmy for a 6 yard tfl later in the game and another tackle on a trap play. Then he got to rest the entire fourth quarter, which was much needed.

    Amp-it was a pretty quiet day for him statistically with the lack of plays BC ran and with us rotating 6 DT’s for a good part of the game. He made a few nice plays holding up where our DE’s were rushing up field and BC called the right play and hit us with a draw, but BC did a fine job grabbing his jersey and getting him to the ground as he attempted to make the tackle on two of the exact plays. In fairness to BC, they held far less than both USF and BC, I counted only 19 through 3 quarters, which is about half of what we endured the two prior weeks.

    Timmy-he has the best hands on the DL. They are so explosive. He is a football players football player, which is the greatest compliment. He also got penetration with Werner on the goal line bat down, held his ground on that stand and combined with Demonte on the sack when he beat his man with his hands. Had a later tfl with Ev and was getting a push with a bull rush and pushing the pocket back. I think next year, you are going to have a hard time finding a better DT in all the country, he is that good.

    Demonte-he didn’t get as many reps as he had been with Goldman getting snaps and he consequently wasn’t as productive, but he still made his presence felt on the .5 sack(he was held) and later on a QB hit with 445 left in the second.

    Goldman-he really looks more physical than he was early on. He was shoving OL to the ground, even when the play was away from him. He had an assist on a tfl late in the game where he got penetration and a nice pressure on the last play of the game with a lethal swim move. He is coming and fast.

    NLS-there are a few plays where he gets pushed around a little in the middle on a double team, but this kid is a playmaker. He made a great tackle on 3rd and 1 in the 3rd and later in the 4rth spun around a blocker and made a tackle. I’m extremely encouraged by what I have seen out of NLS. He is going to fight JMac tooth and nail for the back NT spot, he is that good.

    Overall, it appears when you don’t hold us on every play, you only score in single digits against us. But more importantly, we didn’t show any hangover from a gut wrenching loss. I was encouraged that the kids put it behind them and played the game in the moment. But quite possibly, the coaching staff are the ones that will experience the most growth. Even on the first drive where we gave up yards, Stoops showed some wrinkles with corner blitzes and moving 95 and 91 around, as well as letting them stand up some. At least it gives offenses something to think about when they game play for us. Hopefully we see more of it in 6 days.

  • Excellent read as always!

  • Thanks for the review. I always look forward to seeing your Trench Notes.

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  • Great stuff as always. I bet that one wasn't hard to rewatch!

  • Great read as always much much appreciated, and it amazes me how many times we get held during the games and NOTHING is called. Im just baffled about that. I know im saying what others have said for years but i just wonder if they are blind and stupid when it comes to our DL.

  • Seriously starting to wonder how long it is till this is an official article on the site.

  • They already tweet it.

  • Canolee could threaten to withhold trench notes unless every board member sent him 10 bucks, and we'd fork it right over. Always love it.

  • Thanks everybody !

    73, the two they called were holds, but less blatant than a few not called and some were right at the point of attack.

    If they called every one, the game would be choppy, we would win by 100 and it would affect TV ratings(ie $).

    Maybe they should just make holding legal. Since it happens so often, level the playing field and let both teams do it.

  • Canolee did you happen to notice that BC tackles wore red gloves, and not sure about the whole OL but I noticed some on NCST had on white gloves.

    I think they should make that illegal. Not saying they would call it anyway, but it is easier to hide that way.

  • Canolee do you think that Watson is the most important player on the O-line?. He steps out and the line gets crushed he comes back ( i know BC's dl isnt as good as NC st's) and its like cold to hot improvement.

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  • fish, I missed that. It's smart on the opposition's part, but shouldn't be allowed.

    devil, Watson has been a pleasant surprise. I think he, Stork and Cam are all vital and #54 is having a really good year, with #70 not far behind. But I think our second unit is looking much better. I really impressed with Bobby Hart and how much more committed he is to the running game. If Watson decided to take his game to Sunday next year, I'd be perfectly happy with him as a starter, especially with yet another year in the weight room.

  • I disagree concerning Watson, when Watson is out we can't run off the right side. To my eyes it seems we are much better running wide on Watson side then anywhere else on the field. Glauser just can't seem to set the edge. What are your thoughts? Am I missing something?

  • Awesome input Canolee - first time I seen such a informed article on our lineman. Man I can read this over and over because you breakdown every player on our line awesome. Thanks !!

  • Pvb, you disagree for this or next year not being to run without Watson? You can make a case that he has Been our best/ most dominant OL so far this year. Glauser did a great job against Wake on the ground, but there is unquestionably a difference with Watson getting a push compared to Glauser being more of a 'shield- get between the defender and the ball carrier and wall off'. For next year, I think Hart can be an all ACC OL at RT. He has shown that kind of growth as a soph when we run and I think he has a chance to be a special pass protector. But if Watson wants to come back for his senior year, I obviously wouldn't tell him 'no'. Although, I think he is looking like a 3rd/4rth round pick, but moving up the boards rapidly with his athleticism, bend and his aggressive nature. He just has to stay on the field the rest of the year so teams don't question his durability. Flu happens and the Wake game was more of an assignment thing playing a 3-4 for the first time.

    Snapper, thanks pal. This is my fifth year doing these I believe.

  • they must have changed the rule back on this.....about ten yrs ago, I believe the rule changed where it was mandatory for lineman to wear gray gloves and not the same color of the opposing teams jersey to camoflauge what there hands were doing

  • Thanks.