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Trench Notes...

  • NC State: in a word, nauseating. It’s really hard to watch the double standard of how we block and how the other teams block us. That being said, this isn’t anything new and the coaching staff has to do a better job of articulating their angst to the refs , as well as making in game adjustments. If we played them a 100 times, that was the only game they would win IMO.

    OL: the pass pro was actually much better than I thought, NC State did a great job with their exotic blitzes outnumbering us in a zone on 3 of the 4 sacks. The last sack on the 3rd and 2 bootleg was actually due to a poor block by 33 on the playside and a whiff by 35 on the backside, but I think EJ still should have rolled right and at the very least, thrown it away. And in the run game, their safeties were flying up and making tackles, which is why Huard mentioned play action several times and even talked about an option pass, which would have been wide open, especially later in the game,

    Cam-I really expected him to have played poorly and he did have the hold on the first third down pressure, but I actually put as much blame on Matius, because had Matius picked up the inside pressure on the stunt, Cam could have handle the outside loop. They cleaned it up later in the game. On the first 2ncd and 1 of the 3rd, he allowed a blitzing LB free for a tfl and he went out to the second level for the inside backer. Not sure it was on him, but there were no other culprits. That would have been a nice play to have Jackson pull over and trap. And on one of the sack, Wilder misses the blitz pick up, but he allowed too much pressure to his man. But he also did some very good things and was solid in pass pro. He made a lot of nice kick out blocks, one with 615 of the second where he pancakes the DE and an incredible block 20 yards down the field on Chris T’s 35 yard run. He can play better and needs to decrease the MA, but I thought he was better than he was against USF.

    Matius-he seems to be struggling with stunts and blitzes in pass pro. The one with Cam and one later where he let a guy inside that got in EJ’s face. He also jumped offsides and was called for a hold. But if they call that on him, then a flag needs to be thrown every defensive snap we play and sometimes two and three flags. He was solid in the running game however. He made a really nice block on a 15 yard run by CT in the second as well as his 3 yarder. He could still clean up his angles at the second level but when he gets his body on you, it’s curtains.

    Stork-He missed a DT early in the game that ended up with the tackle, then played a another solid game. He had a very good block on a CT run with 820 in the first, and1420 in the second. But he struggled at the very end of the game. He allowed CT to get tackled from behind, but the DT actually ran around the block and should not have been able to tackle him from behind. The second down before the block he missed a gap block that could have gained 6-7 and completely whiffed on the 3 and 9 EJ run right, but so did Cam and CT which was stopped for a loss.

    Tre-he had some bright spots, he was again great in pass pro and made a great block on the last play of the first at the second level, the 15 yarder early in the second by CT and on the Thompson 35 yarder. But he also made a few mistakes. He bumped into Stork walling him off from the defender that make a tfl for -6 and on the first 3 and 2 of the second half, he fell off his block allowing his DT to get in on the play. Fyi, NC State had 11 in box. And he allowed a little penetration on the first down play before the blocked punt, but actually pancaked his man. Had 35 made a better block, Chris T could have bounced it outside and had one man to beat for a score. But overall, he was solid and possibly our best OL.

    Glauser-he wasn’t the reason we lost the game by any means, but we missed Watson’s push in the running game, especially in the second half. He was solid in pass pro and made some quality blocks in the running game, one a pancake on the first option play with CT. As well as a nice kickout on the last play of the first quarter and the 15 yarder at the start of the 2ncd. But he gave an early pressure, missed a block on a WR screen, and a backside block that could have resulted in a big gain.

    No one on the OL played a great game, they were all about average to solid. They could have played better, but in no way can you fault them for the loss. 99% of NC State’s pressure came as a result of sending more guys in an area that we had to block and EJ either didn’t get us into the right protection, make the necessary hot reads, or get rid of the ball and onto the next play.

    DL: The holding wasn’t as bad as USF early on, but after the second quarter started the Jersey-grabbing-palooza commenced. I’ll put each players holding total in parenthesis after their name.

    Werner(6)-I thought their TE 87 did a nice job on him early, but then he must have been happy to see #95 because all he wanted to do was hug him every play. He definitely looked more explosive early in the game playing a more conventional offense. He had an early pressure and was in the QB’s face on the int. He slipped block to the outside and made a tfl for -6 and murdered a backside block and destroyed their RB for no gain. In the third he was blocked in the back on the 3 and 11 run and he was held on a 3rd and 1 both on their FG drive. Then later was held on a ball he batted down. And late in the game, NC state did a lot of double teaming on him, which is why I liked the idea of moving him around, he got a few snaps on their LT, whom was shaky at best.

    Tank(9)-he absolutely had a mismatch on their LT. If not for Glennon getting rid of the ball within 2-3 seconds or the 9 holds(their LT would immediately be defeated and would grab on to anything for dear life, they called one on him). He had an early pressure with Werner, held up the edge on the Werner back side body slam, and several nice stack and tackles inside,. He also showed off his speed with a backside tackle. He made a pressure on NC States last drive on 3rd and 10 and had Stoops not got cute with a stunt where Amp and Ev bumped into a eachother, we would have had a sack on that play and most likely the game. Instead they got 8 and converted the 4rth and 2. Pain.

    Tosh(1) got a few reps and I also think Newberry may have played a few snaps. Nothing of note, only the hold on Tosh.

    Dawkins(7)-I thought he looked great all night. He shed an early block for a tackle with 22. He was tackled after a pressure on the horse collar play on 27(was that really a horse collar?). He had a QB hit on a ball that 22 could have taken to the house, another excellent pressure later as well as one on the last few plays from the 4 where Glennon had to throw it away. He had every thing working for him, the spin, the swim, bull rushing, etc…

    Amp(5)-he turned play maker in NC. He had an early pressure to force a punt, was held on a play and still made the tackle, found a gap and made a sack and made an excellent tfl on the goal line stand at the end of the game. He was pancaked once, which is uncommon to see, but you guessed it, was held pretty bad.

    Timmy(6) I thought he was absolutely dominant Sat night. He split a double team for a tackle at the line, beat a block for a tfl, got a pressure on a great swim and another one right after that. Got a hit on Glennon, made another tackle, then two other pressures on the last drive. One on a swim move and as he went towards Glennon one of the NC State OL jumped on the back of his legs. As well as Amp played all game, I wouldn’t have taken 8 off the field. And we didn’t need to run stunts for our DL, we were winning 90% of the 1 on 1’s.

    Demonte(3) he wasn’t as productive as he was the last few games, probably because 8 was gobbling everything up. But he still played at a high level. He teamed with Tank on a tackle and provided pressure up the middle. His newest pass rush move is getting the OL jersey and basically just throwing them on their face. I think he can be a little more diverse in his pass rush, he is too good of an athlete to always want to get in close quarters on passing downs. I would have probably had 93 and 8 on the field as much as possible late. But our DT’s absolutely balled out and it’s awful that they have to endure this loss .

    DL-they were as good as we thought they would be, but NC State had a scheme in place to get the ball out quickly and kill out LB’s on crossing routes. As well as use every tactic in the book to try and “block” our front.

    I know we are down on Jimbo getting on the players during the game, I actually cant understand how he hasn’t used Chief Osceola’s spear on the zebra’s yet this year.

    I mean, Benjamin’s isn’t a catch, but their wr’s on 4rth and 10 is?

    We shouldn’t have been in the position to let officials dictate the outcome of the game, but this is getting god damn ridiculous.

  • Thanks Canolee.

    Just like I figured, the mugging that was going on was ridiculous, but as you said we shouldn't have been in that position.

    I may be banned from future games, because I may go down to the field and take Oseola's spear, hop on Renegade, and hunt every dadgummed zebra down. I'd do it too.

    I'd send the carcasses to Swofford and tell him to clean this crap up or he was next.



  • Don't know how the game survived your dvr to get this done. The Hail Mary gotthe ground and I hit delete.

    But thanks for enduring it for us. The refs are awful. I still hate this loss and am livid about it.

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  • Did the ol look better against usf or ncsu? I was wondering if you saw progression despite everything. I know Watson did not play much. That really sucks b/c this being his 2nd season in his football life he needs the reps.

  • At, I'm starting to think I must be such a homer that I'm imagining the jersey grabbing . They get outside of our DL shoulder pads and just grab jersey. It's text book holding and at critical times.

    Bea, I honestly was sick to my stomach watching. We had 10 plays we should have made and it should have been an easy three TD win.

    27, I think overall we were better against nc state. But Watson was awesome against USF, not having him hurt a little. He just gets such a good push on the edge and is more aggressive than Glauser.

  • You're not imagining it, I wanted to throw stuff through my TV. If it weren't so damn expensive to replace I might have.

    On the 3rd down before the TD, our DE was practically tackled and no call.

    I was going nuts.

    Again, though, we allowed the darned refs to make a difference.

  • Anyone remember the game four years ago in Raleigh when Bobby went apesh!t on the officials after the first half? They called us for like 7-8 holds already and were letting NC State get away with absolute murder.

    Something needs to be done about the garbage that goes on up there. We are the only reason that damn game is always primetime, we at least deserve an even playing field.

    And another reason why you must simply blow out ACC opponents. Don't even let the zebras get involved.

  • You mean this game? This was a classic Bowden moment.

    Bobby Bowden melts down going into halftim...

    Walking into halftime of the NC State game, Bobby Bowden melts down to Erin Andrews.

    I'd love it if my coach's solution was to pray to a higher power.

    Recruit talent? Nope
    A scheme that fits the players? Nope
    Superior coaching? Nope
    Only thing left is to pray to the Almighty.

  • I'm as much of a homer as the next guy but Benjamin didn't complete the catch and I don't think there was definitive evidence to overturn the 4th ad 10 catch.

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  • I just dont get it with the acc refs. How can the league get away with this year after year? Why would they want to screw us..it is in their best interest to have us contend nationally. I just dont get it at all. We have got to get out of this horrible conference.

  • Greek,

    if you accept the mugging as a constant it will make the game viewing more tolerable. I am not kidding. Ol's have always been allowed to hold us since we have been in the league.

    I know it sounds whiney, but Jimbo should send tapes to the league office every week. Actually the ad should do it because it is the ad's job. Yes, every week. Eventually they may even it out because they are sick of us.

    That is "beating the drum" eventually people get sick if hearing the drum

  • Let me say this, KB caught the pass with two with on foot in bounds, then his "dead" foot stepped out on the white line after the DB try to jar the ball loose which means the damn play is over, he already completed the catch. Now correct me if I am wrong but when a player is pushed out of bounds the play is over or not?

  • From watching the game again EJ made the line look so much worse than it really looked. I too saw NCST send 3 or 4 into one zone to over load our blocking, EJ needs to read that, make adjustments and find the hot read. He did none of those and NCST kept doing it over and over again. I was also surprised that Stoops didn't start out early stopping the short crossing stuff. He had to know that Glennon wouldn't have much time, it was the short stuff or a sack.

  • So Jimbo might have had an excuse to yell at him?

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  • No. Jimbo should have seen him and put him max protect throw the ball. Their DBs had zero chance.

  • Both feet were in and then his knee hit the ground out of bounds and then he fell to the ground. As far as the NC State catch on 4th and 10, you could see the ball move on the ground during the replay. The thing that does really bother me is that anytime we challenge a play they spend about 15 seconds on the replay. If we're gonna burn a challenge at least act like you even reviewed it.

  • I was getting madder and madder and then in the 4th qtr i saw timmy j get drug down to the ground from behind an i lost it.

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  • Jernigan was flat out tackled the last play, he went right past the center and got tackled.

  • Noleville, the one Timmy blew by the OL and had his legs jumped on from behind? I don't even know what you call that, but it should have been a 30 yard penalty.

    And I agree, we had a DL coming free on every snap, even with the holding, why aren't we covering the underneath routes? If they got over the top with their average WR's, then congrats to them. I'd take my chances. Our DL overwhelmed them, but they made the necessary adjustments, we didn't. I know we should have scored 30+, but I'm just as mad at Stoops.

    NC State didn't respect EJ's accuracy down the field, that is why their safeties were flying up and making tackles around the LOS on running plays.

  • The ACC actually cheats against FSU. And we will not leave it. The conference literally has a goal of getting FSU beat.

    Who will stand up and say it?

  • Canolee, you got mail

  • Great job Canolee! And there goes our talent advantage on the DL, 37 missed holding penalties. Discount it all you want but this plays a huge roll in our games. It also explains how a patchwork OL can seemingly be successful against our NFL quality DL.

    But hey the ACC apologists are happy, o wait some of them are now ready to string up Jimbo while turning a blind eye to the incompetence of the ACC.

  • Just wanted you to know that I appreciate the information that you provide every week.

  • Still dont get why we dint throw it 40+ times. Thiers DB's sucked.

  • I was under the impression that he had one foot in-bounds and then stepped out (at that point the play was over) then fell to the ground and dropped it. I thought that made it a catch.

  • Yeah, that's a funny rule. What would be a catch and a fumble if it occurred entirely in bounds is not a catch at all if a guy falls out of bounds.