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These are the options as I see it

  • Freaking insane dog owners out there man. Apparently, some people aren't satisfied with a dog that simply looks like a dog...

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  • Eight out of ten BIG XII schools are supposedly against expansion, but that's probably the same type of hot air we heard from the SEC before they expanded. From the way FSU's president voiced his stance on the issue I would expect that they are already working on a deal. The BIG XII has a clause in their contract that specifically lists the schools that are acceptable to their media partners. Pick from that list and revenues will be increased to at least cover the cost of the extra mouth to feed. Pick someone not on the list and the potential increase in overall revenues may not be enough to cover the cost of the new school.

    The BIG XII media partners, in effect, control the growth of the conference. I would expect that FSU is on the list. As for the others, who knows? ESPN wields a lot of clout; it's going to be interesting to see what they've planned. In the mean time $ continues to call the shots. We're just pawns in the greater game of college athletics. Those of us in one of the BIG IV conferences should consider ourselves lucky.

    (I'd love to have Florida State and wouldn't mind Clemson. Toss in Georgia Tech & Louisville and you'd have a good start on a BIG XII East).

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