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Teddy Bridgewater

  • Already covered this

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  • And now it has been reiterated.

  • Lol at this guy. Bitter as h3ll for no apparent reason. I have much respect for FSU and I'm not going to let a complete idiot change that.

    But you are funny! Will you be here all week?

  • would you have beaten NIU? probably. does that mean you would have been favored by more than a couple of points? No, your body of work over the season does not warrant any line above a few points. I think Louisville and NIU were fairly equal teams? So what. I suspect Vegas would have as well. again, so what.

    as to being in the BCs since 2004, boise st is not in the BCS nor was TCU until this year.

    nor was FIU last year when they beat you in your bowl game last year.

    See, past bowl games go both ways.

    however, there are many years since 2004 that a non aq TCU and bosie st would have run you out of the stadium.

    That fact has nothing to do with whether they could have done it this year.

    greek, congrats to you and your son for what he has accomplished this year. I am sure it has been tough on both of you with him going to college and playing across the country. it hope he finds FSU worth the price.

    As to misery, you have read it all wrong. Ther analysis is being made devoid of emotion, good or bad. That means that you don't savor things that others would: such as an orange bowl victory. The fact we did not have a worthy opponent made that impossible to do for me.

    however, this is a clinical analysis. We spend 2.8 million on a coach and millions more on infrastructure, asst coaches, etc. with that type of investment (and the talent that has been amassed at FSU) we should expect more than being 3-2 agaisnt teams with winnng records. We should expect more than the annual inexplicable loss(es). In short we should expect the program to take advantage of the opportunites that present themselves. This year that was playing for the mnc.

    did we have injuries: sure, what team does not. We were thin on the ol but were not signficantly affected by injuries.

    We did not lose any game because of our injuries. We lost one game because our hc has not grown into the job. After three years that gives one pause regarding the return on the investment. the other was because of coaching and poor qb play (among other things as well) However, it still gives one pause when it was clear that the hc/defacto oc would not pare down the offense to suit his qb. Is Jimbo intellectually capable? sure, he is truly a football savant. you know that better than me. however, after 3 years i am doutbtful he is emotionally capable of letting go of significant parts of his offense for his qb's sake. The 2nd half of Gt and the orange bowl gave me hope that this may change.

    however, in looking at the season as a whole, I see a coach that has made little progress as an hc this year. I saw a team that continually played down to the level of its competition. that is Jimbo's fault. I would say this was a step backwards this year.

    so we have amassed national title talent here. is jimbo the coach to get us to the promised land?

    Quite frankly, I have my doubts. I did not have those doubts last year.

    That is the prism through which I view this season. So when peole ask why some of us are not elated with the 12-2 mark, it's because we saw progress in the form of baby steps and now have doubts that we did not have after the 2011 season because we all assumed jimbo would grow into the job. We now have legitimate reasons to questions those assumptions.

    If pundits looking from the outside in did not to a person independently reach these same conclusions maybe I would not be concerned.
    Again, congrats to you and your son.

  • No they wouldn't have we would win IMO

    It just shows how bad the UF loss was we should not have lost to those jokers

  • we have never played FIU in a bowl game. never. we played NC State last year.

  • Sorry. Point taken. maybe they beat you in the regular season. However, the fact NIU is not in a BCS conference does not mean they would not have played toe to toe with Louisville.

    In all fairness, you lost to the MAC in both 2002 and 2003 in bowl games.

    Congrats on your win. trust me, you did not have a bigger fan last night than me.

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