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Sources indicate that FSU will interview a DC candidate tomorrow

  • Also, I like Pruitt because of the potential down the road. Diaz was DC and LB coach this year, and Texas had 63, 50, 45, hung on them plus 30's and 20's. I like his connection with FSU and Mickey but not excited about how Texas' D looked this year. Though Pruitt wasn't the DC of Bama but hopefully learned a lot from Kirby, and especially when Bama only allowed 29, 28, and 17 points as their highest numbers put on them all this year. Very Impressive. Pruitt has tons of upside, I hope he gets the DC job. Both seem to be star recruiters, I mean they both have top-5 classes every year. Pruitt getting the edge.

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  • Every great coordinator had someone who was willing to give them their opportunity.

    All signs point to Pruitt being a great hire.

    Ellis Johnson raved about him. Has worked under Saban and Smart-who have put together the nation's top defense in recent years. Some complain that Bama's secondary was not as proficient this year-but Bama's D Line was not as dominant-placing more pressure on the DB's.

    He is a Coaches son-so football is in his DNA-a plus.

    Ace recruiter? Check

    Jimbo is a football junkie who knows the game from every angle. He would not make a hire unless he was satisfied after a strenous vetting process.

    Saban would not let Jimbo make a bad hire in this case. They are close enough that if Pruitt wasn't the goods, he would be honest with Jimbo. Rumor has it that Saban was prepared to make him the DC at Bama if Kirby had bolted-if true, this may be the best sign of all.

    Someone could punch holes in virtually every name that is considered-but I would be very happy if Pruitt is the guy-and I think he will be.

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