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Some Perspective

  • Well, I love reading this forums in general, but after the VT game, some people really started to aggravate me. so here is some perspective imo on the VT game, as well as the season as a whole

    We started the first half off pretty slowly right? Well, here's a point that got overlooked by our fanbase even though the announcers during the game even thought about it....this was the first game we have played in where the temperate dropped below 55 was in the 30s if I'm not mistaken. This could very well have been part of the issues attributing to EJ being a bit off target, as well as ball control in general being iffy at best. Jimbo insists on our players not wearing sleeves as he thinks it adds to fumble issues.....well guess what jimbo, when it's cold as hell, might wanna throw on some sleeves...

    We played down to a "lesser" opponent.....Guys, this is the way it will be as long as everybody in the media keeps telling everybody else how bad the ACC is and how FSU should dominate the conference. Every team we play has our game circled, coming in with something to prove and a chip on their shoulders. We will get everybody's best game. That has been the case against NCST and VT, as well as you could argue Miami and Clemson. This won't change anytime soon either, so we have to accept the fact that our ACC foes will see the FSU matchup as their super bowl and will have schemes and plans just for us to try for the upset.

    Jimbo's playcalling is bad....well, in the second quarter, it was his play calling that had us going with a more up tempo approach that kept VT off balance and out of position which allowed our best drive of the game other than the final one. Now, do I think we need an OC? absolutely. But is Jimbo "AWFUL"? if he was truly that bad of an offensive mind, we would have never hired him away from LSU where he was the OC when they won an NC.

    EJ is bad....good lord, this sentiment that some of our fans have had is he perfect? absolutely not. after the clemson game, he was in the heisman conversation for a short time...don't you think most teams would love to have that? I agree that his decisions at times are in question, and his deep ball accuracy is flaky at times, but all in all, we are in good hands as an offense with him at QB. With that said, I actually think that next year will yield similar, if not better offensive numbers from the QB position, as well as on offense as a whole.

    Did I miss anything?

  • Excellent post and worthy of an upvote.

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  • I can agree with all of that. I have questioned some of the play calls but I don't think Jimbo is awful. I do think an OC would be beneficial.

    I also don't mind having EJ as our QB either.

    And yes, we are most teams super bowl.