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Quotes: Al Golden on FSU-UM

  • Chris Nee

    Al Golden Postgame Press Conference

    On the decision to start Stephen Morris:

    "I thought it looked better on Friday than clearly it did on Thursday. Until you see him go out there and run around and actually stress it like he did in pregame, we were uncertain. I don’t regret playing Stephen in this game. I thought he gives us the best chance to win the game, and we didn’t get it done."

    On keeping the game close until the fourth quarter:

    "I thought we played hard. I thought we coached hard, I thought we played hard, and we lost to a good team. That’s it. We lost to a team that is ahead of us right now. We have to develop our guys and recruit some more and keep working, and don’t make any excuses. They’re a better team right now. We had opportunities that we did not convert. They did - hats off to them. Clearly they have an excellent pass rush and got to our quarterback, and we’re not doing the same on the other end. We’re not getting to the quarterback in four, and obviously we let [EJ] Manuel out too many times."

    "They wore us down a little bit because we weren’t converting on third down on offense. I think we were 25 percent for the day, had to keep giving the ball back and we just couldn’t hold up. Then it turned into a field position game. Just too many opportunities - too many catches down field we didn’t make, too many interceptions we didn’t finish, and obviously an onside kick that we couldn’t get a better look than we got, and to not convert it is a shame."

    On the timeout situation at the end of the first half:

    "There was a lot of confusion obviously. I knew they had one timeout left, so that was their answer for the 10-second run-off, and then they said it was the half so I lost half my team. Obviously I wasn’t worried about that, but if we’re in the situation where it’s the final kick of the half, we’d like to get Seantrel [Henderson]and Malcolm [Bunche] and our big people in there. Just so much confusion."

    On the performance of the offense:

    "We just have to keep getting better. We’re playing a lot of good teams. We certainly have to be more efficient - that’s fair. We have to do a better job on third down, I don’t think there’s any question about that. We have to make some plays on the ball. We had some chances downfield, where we have to make those catches. We just have to take a deep breath. It’s been a long 12 weeks against a really tough schedule playing a lot of young guys. We need to take a deep breath, get healed up and see where we’re at over the next couple days. See if we want to practice at all or if we won’t, we’ll see, and then get ready for Virginia Tech."

    On Duke Johnson’s injury:

    "I have no idea to be honest with you. I couldn’t even tell you what it is. I was told he was out. I think they x-rayed him, that’s all I know.
    On the importance of the bye week… It’s critical. We’re hanging on by a thread. We need time off. Brutal schedule, eight weeks in a row, young team. We need time off."

    On the defensive momentum during the game:

    "I think we got worn out a little bit. You have to keep pace with them and you have to convert on third down. We weren’t making the plays. Clearly they’re rotating three backs in there and they wore us down a little bit in the fourth quarter. We probably needed another takeaway, we had opportunities. They’re throwing the ball into Cover 2 for 30- or 40- yard gain and it should be an interception. We have to come through and make a play there."

    "As I said to the team, give Florida State a lot of credit. They’re a very good team right now. They’re deep, and that’s okay. We know what we need to do. They’re ahead of us right now. We need to buckle down and get better. We need to develop our current team and we need to add to it."

    On the team’s fast start:

    "I think it was a better feel - I think that’s fair. The last two times we’ve played at this level, we didn’t look the same – Kansas State and Notre Dame. It’s fair to say it was a different look, a different feel, a different focus. I can say honestly that’s what I told the staff last night and that’s what I told the team. It did feel different. Just disappointing we didn’t convert on a couple more opportunities to give ourselves a chance. I’m disappointed in that. We have to get back to work there. I’ve been saying it all year we have a long way to go as a team. Are we competing? Yes. Do we execute all the time? No. We had some costly penalties and we had some costly errors in the game and that’s on me. I have to get that fixed."

    Provided by UM Sports Information

    Chris Nee of 247Sports.com. You can follow me on twitter @CNee247.

  • Lost respect for him this week. Clear now they tried to sandbag and lied on the injury report re Morris. Stinks of desperation.

  • Bro, EVERYTHING they do is out of desperation.

    We were their homecoming. They honored Ted Hendricks and others. Fire works for crying out loud. It was one huge dog and pony show and all for recruits. It's all they can do and I can't blame them.

    The ACC and their officials can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned. This game should not have been close, TWO YEARS in a row, and I'm at my wits end.

  • I thought the last quote was funny.

    "We had some costly penalties and we had some costly errors in the game and that’s on me."

    They had 1 penalty for 5 yards coming out of halftime, compared to our 7 for 70+ yards. You got every break in the world, and didn't get any penalties until we started pulling away in the 4th quarter, penalties did nothing but keep you in the game, it didn't hamper you from winning.

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    "A Seminole warrior killed in battle is a legend remembered. A Gator lost in battle becomes a pair of boots and a belt. "

  • Yeah where was the reporter asking "Coach what costly penalties are you talking about?". The whole thing sounded super defensive.

  • You lost respect for him. Morris showed up in a walking boot. Your terrible O tried to hand us the game. You can't say refs cause Benjamin pushes off EVERYTIME. Not just once in awhile. You guys were the better team, you won in decisive fashion. Not on the scoreboard but your D shut us down. Which is what most Canes and Golden I am sure expected. It's our biggest home game, when did you want them to schedule homecoming? Jimbo is the sole reason you are not fully back to where you want. Stop blaming refs and other outside factors. Bottom line is Jimbo does not pay attention to detail which in a big game can kill you. I know you will disagree and downvote, but the only thing in your way right now is your head coach.

    Envy the past, Fear the future

  • Lol what? That was pure gamesmanship. You may not agree with it obviously but that isn't a "classless" move.

  • Go back to the film and show me where he pushed off on that 50 yarder they called back. Show me where the defensive player didn't push first on the first one called. Either you allow for pushing from both players or you call the first one that did it. Calling the second one because it was more effective is poor officiating. Missing the grabbing onto jersey's from the defensive backs is poor officiating. Missing the around the neck pull down out of bounds by a Miami player is poor officiating. Even the announcers mentioned how poor the officials were and how they were mystified about the offensive pass interference calls as well as the no calls on Miami. When the announcers who try their best to not talk about officiating are constantly mentioning it, then it was a problem! I rarely get upset about officiating, but this game was over the top bad and biased.

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  • They blatantly said "that it was a good call against Benjamin." Why cant you wrap around a neck for a tackle? Every year their is something to cry about. The better team won. You guys clearly had more experience and talent then us. Stills fumbled, it went your way even with a challenge. Officials miss calls, but to say that Benjamin doesn't push off is foolish. Slight contact is one thing but to shove a DB is gonna draw a flag man.

    And you know that retaliation draws the flag not the first one.

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    Envy the past, Fear the future

  • That terrible offense averages 520 ypg (10th nationally) and 45 ppg (#6 nationally). Fisher is 26-9 and Golden in 10-10 BEFORE sanctions. There's a reason why...

  • The u is back...next year....maybe....or after the sanctions fall off.

  • Yeah because you havent played anyone. And dont say Clemson cause WVU hung 77 on them. You can compare records all you want. You guys are in a much different place then we are as a team. Sanctions, sanctions, I get it. Golden hasn't proven to me that he is a great coach yet either he hasn't had time to show that along with some outside adversity. FSU shouldn't have lost to NC State or at least 3 of the games last year. Your D is ridiculous. You should be top 5. But every year you lose a game you shouldn't even have had your starters in for. You can see with your eyes what I mean. Our DEs looked like your corners. You are in a different class right now. If it was the NFL replacement officials you still should have beaten us down. I dispise FSU, as every Cane should, but we need you and us to make the conference remotely respectable. Disagree if you want, it is the truth. No one in the ACC can compete with the SEC in games or recruiting is you and us.

    Envy the past, Fear the future