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Pro Jimbo people, check this stat...

  • I am a trash poster, not a garbage poster I have standards. Yes i am so happy we keep losing to these crap teams, it makes me feel so vindicated.

    Plus i think your just mad.

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  • Ha -- the irony of that, is Weakchant would ban you in a week or two, if you made any observations that conflicted with their world view that FSU is on the right track. No negativity allowed there.

    People who love and defend Jimbo would probably be more at home, with the weakchant moderators.. who are continually deleting threads and posts, that they disagree with...regardless of whether they violate their rules or not.

  • Yeah, and the people trashing Jimbo are the ones that have had an agenda since day 1. This is his FIRST shot with a loaded cupboard. First shot. Last year was a joke. We gave up 40+ sacks. Name a championship team that has ever done that. Hell, find me a few teams that have had 2 losses or less while giving up 40+ sacks. Add a crappy YPC as well please.

    This was Jimbos first loss where the cupboard was loaded. I'm willing to give him a chance to win out, and show that he can adjust his offensive game plan. If he can, I think it's VERY premature to start with the I told you so's.

    Am I pissed? Yes. Am I worried? Yes. Do I feel that was a large warning sign? Yes.

    Is it time to crow and start talking about a for sure end, and how we should never have hired him? Absolutely not. First off, he has done things for our S&C, budget expectations, loaded the cupboard for recruiting, and basically brought FSU into the 21st century. At worst, he leaves FSU in a position where if the right man came in, they win a championship within 2 years.

    Far cry from where Bowden left....and that's worst case scenario....

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  • So -- if we fail to win the ACC championship or lose to another unranked team -- will you agree with us then? Please give me your threshold of tolerance -- when will you be ready to back up and punt?

    In my eyes, nothing we have seen thus far should make someone come to a logical conclusion that involves us winning out from here. We simply have too much damning evidence to the contrary. This is the 6th year he's run the offense and his 3rd year as head coach. He's had (3) top-5 recruiting classes in a row.

    There was absolutely no excuse for him toying around with USF... and there is absolutely no excuse for him losing to NC State... This team is not passing the eyeball test whatsoever, it's plagued by systemic breakdowns that go far beyond the field. Lack of discipline, penalties, time management, and extreme predictability. Lack of execution is a forgone conclusion, when you have a coach who lacks the awareness to call a timeout and allows 20-30 seconds to tick of a clock during a 2-minute drill (see USF) .

    I really hope you are right... I didn't buy season tickets and re-up my booster contribution because I was waiting gleefully to say "I told you so". But after last week, the probability in my mind shifted. In my mind, the probability of him continuing to improve our program is less than 50%... and that press conference only pushed it lower. Why? Because he's letting his pride cripple him. And what's more troubling is that EJ is getting fed up with him (by evidence of the indirect barbs that he took at Jimbo during the press conference)... He's losing the respect of the players.

    Yah -- we may come back and blow Boston College out this weekend... But how we handle the weeks in between now and Florida, should reveal everything. Thus far, the pressure of winning steaks tend to amplify the negatives.

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  • You need to take an aspirin or something and calm yourself down.

    It is what it is, there is a pattern where this guy cannot manage games, if it were once or twice against inferior opponents, I would brush it off.

    Now with a full cupboard, he goes and gets beaten by a much more inferior team....?

    You realize FSU needs help just to make the ACCCG now?

    That is before trips to Miami and VT.

    So explain to me again how all of this is premature?

    Yes I did not want this guy, I did not want him as OC, I did not want him with this HCIW nonsense and yes I don't want him and his planet sized ego and attitude now. But don't think for a moment that means I am sitting around enjoying this. I even tried to rationalize it by thinking about other first time HC's in this situation, and I couldn't think of one who had lost so many (5) games his first 2 1/2 yrs against what amounts to dogcrap teams.

    Maybe if the guy were somewhat likeable, it would help in a way, but I don't even find him likeable.

  • What exactly did EJ say? I didn't see or read the PC

  • There is a link to the video press conference in one of the stickied threads, i don't want to butcher it... or misconvey.

    Jeff Cameron has been talking about it for the past few days... apparently his attitude was really strange, like he was fed up... and when asked about playcalling in certain situations, he said something to the effect of "you'd think that be obvious" in regards to the playcalling.

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  • Let me pour in my two cents: Here at FSU we don't settle for anything less then BCS bowl victories. I don't see how some of our fanbase can justify letting Jimbo get away with the stuff he gets away with. This is not the first time I have heard that Jimbo doesn't take input from coaches on gameday. The one great thing about Bobby, is that he let his coaches coach. Jimbo is not a player's coach which is fine if you are winning championships like Saban, but we are not winning championships and his antics will soon wear thin on his players.

    I do think Jimbo is a good HC and great recruiter but honestly his act is wearing thin with the fanbase and the local media. That's usually the first sign that the guy's time is ticking. No need to bring up the fact that he ruined the best chance FSU has had at a National Title since the loss to OU in the Orange Bowl. No need to bring up the fact that he constantly belittles his players on National TV. He is often compared to Saban because of his natural ties to him. But can we honestly say we see any Saban in Jimbo. Saban let his coaches coach on gameday, and when things go bad. He shakes his head and walk away. Jimbo has alot to learn. Just not on our clock. We are FSU and should demand greatness not pretty goodness.

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  • Great post, why me.

  • Saban, breaks his promises to recruits when they get injured. Fisher gives a kid a scholarship when his football career is done. Saban medically disqualifies as many kids as he can get away with. Others he kicks out the door. Fisher seems to really care about his players. Fisher is dealing with his son's disease in a positive manner and trying to help others.

    Frankly, I am proud to have Jimbo representing FSU. Something I would never say about Saban.
    Yes, maybe it costs us a couple of wins. But, for me I am happy to have Jimbo here and confident that any mistakes he makes will not be repeated.

    As to some of our fans.......childish is the only word for it.
    Fisher is the head guy and deserves the heat. He will deal with it.
    I remember back about 10 years ago someone that was a fan of another school mentioned that our fans were trending toward a bad direction.....entitled is the word he used. Seems to be about right at this point.

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  • a couple of things:

    Bowden, I disagree with your premise: Was the cupboard full? No, but it was a lot more full than any other cupboard in the ACC. As such we should be winning the ACC.

    no one is complaining we lost to OU twice. However, we had every bit as much overall talent as Ou last year. We ran for 46 yds on a team that was repeatedly gashed last year. So he could be criticized with a straight face.

    Should we have lost to a team with equal talent while we were playing at home? No.

    He could also be criticized for not being ready for Clemson, an inferior team to us last year. (However, none of us are doing that either)

    What we are saying is that you cannot lose games when you are VASTLY superior talent wise. That is what gets lots of coaches (eg Zook) fired. Meyer wins an mnc with 21 of 22 starters being Zook's players while Zook couldn't beat .500 teams with the same players.

    honestly, do you think NCSt (twice) unc, uva and wake belonged on the same field with our team? No.

    so, there are two reasons why this loss, while no more or less excusable than those losses, is generating more of a negative reaction from the fan base:

    1. a staggeringly easy path to the mnc. so easy that if Boise st has the same exact scedule they would not get in b/c it is too easy.

    2. the incredible (yes, incredible) talent gap between FSu and everyone in the ACC not named Clemson or UNC.

    3. A coach that is a true football genius. I do not say this lightly. When he discusses football, he is actually and always the smartest guy in the room. I am serious. I don't care if it is a room full of coaches, it's still true.

    That has lead to a mentality, IMO that JImbo will show you (probably a subconscious decison making process) that he will out scheme you even if he can destroy you just by outalenting you. That is a HUGE difference between Jimbo and bobby/Richt in the '90s. bobby was content with "I can put out 4 wr's you can't cover so i will do it" and crush teams. In the '90s, with the same team that we have now, The score Sat night would have been 59-17. i am serious. it could have been for Jimbo as well if he accepted the easiest path to a win is to play pitch and catch against a team that cannnot defend the pass and with an FSU ol that is suspect and inexperienced.

    Also, what Jimbo needs to handle better is not when we are behind or a game is tight, but whne we have what i will call a mid range lead. That is when a team such as nc st probably won't be able to win but still can win. ditto for uva last year.

    This is where i differ from Jim lamar. Last year at Wake you could call it arrogance by stating Trickett. Jime does but I do not b/c he played well at Clemson.

    However, he is inclined to take the air out of the ball too early as evidenced by NCSU and to a lesser extent UVA.

    Why does htis happen: 1. jimbo is stubborn-what successful person isn't?

    2. jimbo is hell bent on proving his scheme is superior so he won't pick , in his mind, the low hanging fruit of out talenting someone.

    3. When he does this it signals to his team the game is over and htey play it is it actually over.

    That leads to teams hanging around and having hope that have no business being on the field with you.

    Jimbo's reaction has been so different this time because the fans are all saying, you screwed up. you made something easy hard because of your stubborness and quite frankly arrogance. There is nothing wrong with a coach being arrogant. However, both of these things cost us a game that we should have won by 5 td's.

    it is essentially Jimbo lashing out. Will he grow so that does not happen again? With a strong ad telling him behind closed doors "Look, we have scheduled crap for future ooc games because you want against the wishes of the boosters and fan base as whole, because we still need their money and always will need their money, you need to fall on the sword in public after a loss. What you say to the team in private is your concern.

    As to taking blame, if he is not taking blame in private with the team, the season will go South (9-3 or worse and no acc chanpionship) and the new ad's first task will be to get in resumes b/c Jimbo's seat will be very warm.

    considering how jimbo came about to be hc, the boosters have been patient.

    If this was an SEc school we would have talked him into staying instead of going to wvu then bought him and gotten an established hc.

    As to Rich rod, this is not about him: However, to those of you who think Jimbo has accomplished more and is viewed more favorably in the college football world, email some pundits with the question: Jimbo fisher Is accomplished more than rich Rod as an hc, true or false and post the responses-even the ones that only read: LOL

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  • FSUfool. You didn't see the comparsion I made did you? It is purely a gameday based comparison. Everyone knows Saban is an asshole. That butthole also wins Title's which brings in more media which brings in revenue for all other sports on campus. It also saves the the Boosters and fans money in their pocket because they aren't relied upon as much to lift the financial burden. So Say what you want about guys like Saban. For all the bad you may point out about guys like him, there is also plenty of good to cover up that bad.

    Jimbo is probably a really good guy off the field. I have no doubts about that. But we aren't judging him about how he is in the supermarket or in the country club. We are judging him by his actions on Saturday's. Because he's the head coach of the football team. And as a fan I don't care how you are outside of football. I expect 2 things from you. Never to belittle your players on TV, and results. That's it.

    I am looking for the Wall Street CEO type of coach, not the local Thrift store owner. Can you help my bottom line??? And right now Jimbo for all the good he as done, just cost FSU millions in TV and merchandise recognition because of Saturday. I expect a guy making millions of dollars to produce results not feel good smiles. But that's just me.

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  • What Jimbo also needs to is some coach he will actually listen to enough that whent hat coach says you are going about this all wrong, let's try "x" Jimbo will actually pause before continuing down whatever path (game plan) he is on.

    If he doesn't think enough of any of the coaches to do this he needs to get someone whom he thinks enough of to give him pause when necessary.

  • And that is my biggest frustration with him. He does not delegate nor take suggestions very well.

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  • Did you say that Saban is a CEO type coach on gamedays??? Umm, Saban has always been known to get a lead and not let the offense screw it up. He has recruited great talent and if those 5 stars are bust, he will replace them via cutting, dq, or telling them to transfer. Alabama already had the money ready because Alabama fans have no other teams to spend it on. There are no professional sports in Alabama and they are the most followed in the state. The reason why Alabama's coaches are not getting hired to HC by big programs is because we all know who runs that program. I just remember Nick chewing out two players after they dumped gatorade on him before the clock hit 00 in the '10 title game. Also remember his offense getting a lead, then bleeding the clock until the end. Bowden was the ultimate CEO coach, but that came back to bite him in the end. With the new social media, stuff that should have stayed in the locker became public knowledge. He is tough on his players. Watch the total access that ESPN did before the '10 season. Saban was all over his players. His offense is largely left to those coaches however, he controls the type of tempo as he sees fit. That is why their OC just left to take a job at Colorado State instead a major school.

  • Look when your guy up in the booth is pleading for you to call some plays to the WIDE OPEN TE, and you simply ignore him, well explain to me where the lack of execution is coming from...and no I am not getting this third hand, just leave it at that.

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  • Fatal character flaw or learnable moment?

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  • Late to this thread and just read the OP: shows me what I feared. Jimbo takes spineless, gutless, bland, disjointed play calling and calls it conservative, wise, etc. his whole mindset is "if we win by 1 then we won."

    Take that crap elsewhere.

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  • FSU fool, we won't know the answer to your question in all liklihood until the end of the 2013 season. if we know the answer before then, it will be because it is (for now) a character flaw. Being a control freak on the job, I would sate it is not a fatal character flaw. Just a counterproductive one if you have good people working for you. However, he may mature as a coach beyond it. If he doesn't he won't survive as an hc for a big time school-us or someone else down the line. I just hope it doesn't take an FSU firing 2-3 years from now for him to see the "big" picture.