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My idea of a Big12/ACC merger (long)

  • I posted this on TOS and had some decent replies and a few of the 12 yr old smart asses chimed in. What say you?

    IF, aTm went to the SEC, I would rather see this happen:

    Maryland and BC go to the Big10, that leaves 10 in the ACC. They break apart and a new 8 team league is formed.

    FSU, GT, UM, Clemson, NCst, UNC, Uva, VT (8 teams). Should UNC and/or NCst balk because Wake and Duke are not invited then tell them to hit the road and add Louisville and WVU.

    Merge the above 8 with Big 12-2:
    UT, TT, OU, Okie St, KSU, KU, TCU, Baylor. Mizzou goes to the Big 10. Dump Iowa St (you cannot dump Baylor in Texas, they will not allow it) and add TCU.

    You would break the 16 teams into 4 divisions:
    South = UM, FSU, GT, Clem
    Atlantic = UNC, NCst, UVa, VT
    Southwest = UT, TT, Baylor, TCU
    Central = OU, Okie St, KU, KSU

    Like the NFL
    Each division plays all its mmembers (3 games).

    Rotate all memebers in a division per year (ie South Divsion plays all teams in the Atlantic Divsion in 2011, Southwest in 2012, Central 2013, starts over again). keeps the schedule FRESH. (4 games)

    Keep your 1 natural Rival outside the conference (ie uf for FSU, aTm for Tex, Neb for OU, etc) (1 game)

    Schedule 2 directional schools, these games musted be played in week 2 and 11 and here is why. (2 games)

    The last 2 conference games will be played against a Confernce team to be determined during the season. After the 7 confernce games played above are complete, the 4 divsion winners or #1 seeds would play. The 4 divsion #2 seeds would play, #3 seeds, #4 seeds. These games would be played in week 10. (1 game)

    Followed by an open week for the entire conference

    Week 11 game against a direction school (see above) would allow for a breather/healing and travel arrangements for fans (allows for ample time for travel arrangements) .

    Week 12 games would be Seed #1 winners play, Seed #1 Losers play, Seed #2 Winners play, Seed #2 Losers play, seed #3 etc.

    This provides for a TRUE conference Champ. A made for TV big game senario for the last 2 confernce games. A true 1-12 ranking for the conference participants. Keeps the core of the big 12 and ACC together. It is very marketable (has a great mix of decent baskeball (UNC, GT, UT, KU) and football (FSU, UM, GT, Clem, OU, UT, VT, Okie St) includes a great footprint (seems to be popular term these days) FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, TX, OK, KS.

    In conclusion a hypothetical schedule would look like this:

    game #1 uf (Tex would play aTm, OU vs NEB, Clem vs SC, GT vs Uga) HUGE opening weekend of Games. HUGE Ratings for the new conference, all members would play there rival and the conferenc would have all eyes on it opening weekend.
    game #2 directional School (UL Monroe)
    game #3 @ GT
    game #4 TCU
    game #5 Clem
    game #6 @ UM
    game #7 Texas
    game #8 @ Baylor
    game #9 TT
    game #10 Seeds 1, 2, 3, 4 of each divsion play.
    game #11 Citadel
    game #12 Winners of seed 1, 2, 3, 4 and Losers of seeds 1, 2, 3, 4 Play.

    Bowl games and/or MNC game

  • Good premise to start with.

    I personally hope if the SEC is scared of us joining (looks that way right now), that they steal NC State. I would greatly prefer Duke in conference with the basketball money and prestige they bring, than NC State.. Wake, I could take or leave. Their basketball has fallen off and their football was a flash in the pan and will likely never reach that ceiling of success again.

    I like your idea of the first game being a big rivalry one. It'll get people rarin' to go. One point, rumor is Texas will blackball A&M for leaving the Big 12, so I'm not certain that could be their game, but maybe they could rotate an OSU, ND or Michigan in there for their game.
    Your made for tv final week is very interesting and could be an enormous tv money draw. Traveling for college fans is harder than pros, so three weeks of played style games might be logistically problematic, but the tv money might outweigh that.

    Interesting thought.

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