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  • Have been coming onto this site for a while now and love it. The community seems more peaceful and knowlegeable than others I have been a subscriber to in the past. We all love this time of year especially next Wed when we sit by our laptops, phones, tv's or whatever waiting for that next LOI to come in for OUR Noles. No need for TNT drama, following football recruiting has it all the last few weeks down the stretch. I did come with a question or two though

    1 being, other than 2007 when Jimbo started in January of that year, can anyone remember such a bizarre year of recruiting for FSU instead of this one? To this point we have had 7 guys to my knowledge decommit and 1 medically not able to play. That's unheard of! Only a couple of those have happened since the coaching turnover too. Our whole scope this year just seemed off IMO. I believe we have righted the ship with a great staff and closing with two elite players like Thomas and Ramsey would be huge. Time for Jimbo to pull a Bobby Bowden

    2, can anyone tell me why can't we recruit elite OL? This has been a trend over the last 10 or so years. The state of FL has many of them in the high school ranks, one would think we could grab some? Football is won in the trenches on both sides. It doesn't matter how many skill players we get, we cannot compete for a title w/o a great OL and depth at the position

    Love to hear your thoughts. Lets all try to stay sane for another 8 days, easier said than done

  • OL has been the discussion of late.


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  • I'm not sure what he did, but I'm inclined to blame Nashnole.....

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  • Well, I got tired of having better talent than everyone else. Soooooooooo, I started sending all the best players to other teams. See, I figure if James Fisher REALLY wanted to follow in Cleckler Bowden's footsteps, he would have to start out the same, with just mediocre to good rated players. It used to be said of our team: "FSU's starting 22 are as good as anybody's. But when you get into their bench, they won't know whether it it is Wednesday or Brunch." We won some games with a bald German and a chubby Englishman last year for Christ's sake. Now that's what I call economy of effort and maximum utilization of meager resources. High hopes for the Fisher King I have. I can't wait to see how we do with a Four QB rotation. Our opponents won't know what hit 'em. Even the ESPN analysts will be AMAZED to see such a sight!

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