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Good luck Noles from UK fan!

  • Good luck in your upcoming bowl game. I want to wish all you gracious Noles fans a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!! The tremendous class and support you showed for us UK fans after the Stoops hire and then again with DJ Eliot..really really appreciated that! I am a die hard football fan..and have been craving a competitive team here in the Bluegrass..and now,..thanks in no small part to the dynasty that is FSU football..we have a very good chance at that success..Mark Stoops and DJ Eliot are two outstanding recruiters and coaches..Stoops is a defensive genius and Eliot can flat coach DE's!! But you guys already know this!
    WE also love lil Ethan Fisher up here in Catland..what an insipration..he looks so good in that #83 Noles jersey. WE are rooting for you Ethan!!
    I hope we can enjoy some of the success that you Noles fans have got to savour here in Kentucky. I know Ill be rooting for the Noles anytime they arent playing us..which is rarely!! Go Noles!! Go Ethan Fisher!!

  • Thanks man. Good luck to y'all in the future.

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  • Please make sure we get Wiggins in return! Merry Christmas!!!

  • Thanks!!

    Kentucky is a program ill be rooting for, as long as y'all let us have wiggins

  • Hello again BigBlue! Back atcha!!

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  • Great post. Good luck in the future and beat florida every chance you get.

  • Kentucky has a new fan in me for sure. Really hope you guys can come out and ruin a couple teams season next year! Good luck!

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  • Hope so too..I really think the Noles are stacked for a Title run next year. THat terrific 2011 class will be mature across the board and ready to get the Noles back at the top..where they belong. I think Bama wont be the same Bama of thye past 2 to 3 years..mainly because all 5 of that NFL OL will be gone..along with your usual 3 to 4 underclassmen that declare early.
    If Stoops and Eliot get our defense playing well..holding opponets to 22 and under..Neal Browns offense suits Max Smith to a T. This kid is a legit NFL QB..can make every throw. Was mentored in football by former Bears QB Erik Kramer. THrew for over 900 yards and 8tds in 3 games in 2012 before injury.
    I think we have a chance to knock off a couple good teams. I think you guys beat Fla next year..and I think Fla will be the strongest SEc team..with LSU and Georgia being just behind the Gators. Stoops just landed his 1st 4 star here..6'6 250 DE Za'Darius Smith of East Miss CC..had offers from Texas,Miami,TAMU, TTU, and yous guys..Da Noles!!

    I will absolutely be rooting for the Noles..and we sent you Leonard Hamilton..I guess you guys can have Wiggins..if we can borrow a couple 4.3 wr/dbs every now and then.
    I have always rooted for the Noles..Ron Simmons was a beast!! Warrick Dunn, and Chris Singleton in bball, and Snaer now.
    BTW..whats the latest on your guyts replacments for Stoops and Eliot. (Wanted Coley bad..bad..bad..guy can flat recruit cant he?) I was surprised that DJ Eliot will be coaching LB's here..but im sure he will do fantastic. He sure did a wonderful job in Tallahassee with those DE's though!

    Merry Christmas Noles..up votes for x-mas presents. Be sure and cheer for Uk..we will dio the same.We need some football love here like BAD..Happy New Year! THink FSU wins the BCS next year. Bama will be down..for Bama..meaning they are beatable..and in the SEC..if your'll get beat. Florida and Georgia will both be strong..but only 1 can make it into the big game. Hopefully we can knock off a Fla or Ga and help you guys out!! Just get there..think everyone loses at least one in SEC in if you guys are 12-0, and some other BCS team like OSU is will be SEC's turn to sit one out.
    Thanks for all the kindness you Noles have shown us Cats with the whole Stoops/Eliot deal!! Forgive us for some of our BBN fans that are lacking in manners..I get down voted for optimistic recruiting posts..LoL..the majority of us appreciate all the kind posts following the Stoops hire..and for great insight on Eliot and Stoops and thier abilities!! You Osceola nation fans are intelligent, respectful,and kind!! I come here to take a break that is the insanity of the BBN. Some of these guys needs to come out from under thier rocks and join the 21st century!! LoL
    DakotaNole..hey there!! You can explain what Im talking about with the crazy BBN fans..sorry about that..I uped you several times to offset the poor manners of the few!!
    Go NOLES!! GO CATS!!

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  • Yeah guys..I think thats where Uk will be at in 2013. Stoops Eliot Neal Brown...thats a young..intelligent and great recruiting top 3. WE stole Vince Marrow from Nebraska..great TE's coach and even better recruiter. Jimmy Brumbaugh from east Miss CC(was on LSU's 2007 staff) Bradley dale Peveto (also on LSU's 2007 staff..ace recruiter that brought 4 and 5 stars on a yearly basis to LSU) Chad Scott from TTU, rb's coach..former UK rb and a super recruiter.
    WE wont be a great team next year..but we will be good enough to perhaps upset a couple big SEC teams in 2013. Gators, Tide, Dawgs, Gamecocks. If Louisville joins you in the ACC..we will get them for you almost every year. Do the same and knock Florida off for us on a yearly basis. The UK-FSU friendship grows stronger. Lots of connections between us..Leonard Hamilton..Stoops,Eliot..
    How far do you guys seeing your Noles Bball team going this year? I think if your young centers can mature..and one more outside shooter that can defend guys will make a long run..Great 8..Final 4? Who Knows? Snaer is a favorite player in college untill Poythress starts playing every second of every game..Alex Poythress is a beats..but his motor isnt elite.