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Few Thoughts

  • Last night's game was not the prettiest by any means but we WON. Here are some good and bad things I noticed:

    --our D got some hugs stops when we needed them
    --we tackled pretty damn well last night
    --EJ converted when it counted
    --Rashad looked incredible
    --we converted on huge 4th down short yardage situation (should always use Wilder IMO)
    --Dustin did what he does
    --overcame some adversity to score on both 2 minute drills

    --nickel db play was bad all night. Hunter had 2 picks but was not good in coverage or on kick return
    --still not getting any holding calls
    --OL gave up a ton of pressure on pass pro
    --OL didnt create much space in run game
    --EJ didnt throw ball away (but at least didnt cough it up)
    --no traditional running sets
    --conservative/dumb play call (esp freeman run from the 1)

    What do we take from this game? Well, we didnt shit the bed and lose like we have at times in the past (NCST, UVA, etc) and we showed some character not giving up. Jimbo could have called a better game but its hard to complain about a road win @VT on the road. We were favored by more than we won but who really cares. If you thought that it would be a blowout or easy win you underestimated VT in Blacksberg. I for one am happy that we are 9-1 and a terrible Maryland team away from the ACC title game. Its disappointing that we lost to NCST but as it turns out an undefeated FSU team would likely be left out of the MNC anyways. If someone told me before the season we would possibly have a one loss/ACC champ/Orange Bowl performance on the season, i would have been stoked. We forget so soon that only 3 years ago we were 7-6 playing in toilet bowls getting beat by our rivals on a regular basis. Not saying we should act like our team has met all expectations, but keep in perspective how much progress we've made under Jimbo and expect these types of seasons (W/L wise) to continue. GO NOLES.

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