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Column: SEC needs to be flagged for soft schedule

  • Chris Nee

    Figured some would enjoy this.

    Column: SEC needs to be flagged for soft sche

    Associated Press (AP) Christian Robinson is a competitor. Naturally, the Georgia linebacker would like to see how the Bulldogs stack up against the best teams from around the - timesleader.com


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  • Can't he go to jail for writing this?

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  • The SEC schedule is so TOUGH that they can schedule 4 fcs teams and still make the playoff

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  • Good article. Good points made

  • Not really a surprise. What I want to know is how the SEC gets so much respect in the computers for scheduling games like this. I understand that they win most of their OOC games, but none of them hold much water.

    Alabama v. Michigan (n) - Win
    Arkansas v. Rutgers - Loss
    Auburn v. Clemson (n) - Loss
    LSU v. Washington - Win
    Ole Miss v. Texas - Loss
    Kentucky @ Louisville - Loss
    Missouri v. Arizona State - Win
    Missouri v. Syracuse - Loss
    Tennessee v. NC State (n) - Win
    Vanderbilt @ Northwestern - Loss
    Florida @ Florida State - TBA
    Georgia v. Georgia Tech - TBA
    South Carolina @ Clemson - TBA
    Vanderbilt @ Wake Forest - TBA

    The SEC has played TWO road games OOC all season and lost both. They are currently 4-6 against teams from BCS conferences with not 1 road win.

    Some other OOC games of note:
    Texas A&M @ Louisiana Tech - Win
    Arkansas v. UL Monroe - Loss
    Kentucky v. Western Kentucky - Loss
    Missouri @ UCF - Win
    Kentucky v. Kent State - Win

    Still not all that impressive. Back to what Jimbo says, it appears as though it is about who you play and not if you actually beat them.

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  • To compare to the ACC, I think the 1 thing to keep in mind is that obviously the SEC is better, but the big thing is beating the teams you are supposed to beat.

    Looking at the SEC OOC games they were upset 3 times and they also pulled 1 upset. In the ACC, for this season, which was the worst ACC season in a long time, we were upset WAY too many times.

    Boston College v. Notre Dame - Loss
    Boston College @ Northwestern - Loss
    Boston College @ Army - Loss (UPSET, can't lost this game)
    Clemson v. Auburn (n) - Win
    Clemson v. South Carolina - TBA
    Duke @ Stanford - Loss
    Florida State @ USF - Win
    Florida State v. Florida - TBA
    Georgia Tech v. Middle Tennessee - Loss (UPSET)
    Georgia Tech v. BYU - Loss
    Georgia Tech @ Georgia - TBA
    Maryland @ Temple - Win
    Maryland v. UConn - Loss (UPSET)
    Maryland @ West Virginia - Loss (Gotta love how they didn't cancel this game)
    Miami @ Kansas State - Loss
    Miami v. Notre Dame (n) - Loss
    Miami v. USF - Win
    North Carolina @ Louisville - Loss
    NC State v. Tennessee (n) - Loss
    NC State @ UConn - Win
    Virginia v. Penn State - Win
    Virginia @ TCU - Loss
    Virginia v. Louisiana Tech (non-BCS loss)
    Virginia Tech @ Pittsburgh - Loss (UPSET)
    Virginia Tech v. Cincinnati (n) - Loss (UPSET)
    Wake Forest @ Notre Dame - Loss
    Wake Forest v. Vanderbilt - TBA

    The SEC played 2 BCS OOC road games. The ACC played 11. The SEC does have 3 this weekend, so it will be 11-5, where we have 12 teams and they have 14.

    Our record in those 10 road games is 2-8 (1 this Saturday still to go).

    In notable OOC games against non-BCS teams the ACC is 0-3 (LT, Army, MTSU), two are big upsets.

    In the BCS OOC games the ACC is 6-14, 3 of which being upsets. So the ACC was upset 5 times this season. The ACC pulled "maybe" 1 upset with UVA over PSU.

    The SEC was upset 2 net times (upset 3 times, pulled 1 upset), the ACC was upset 5 net times.

    So 4-6 is much better than 6-14, especially when the ACC has been upset twice as often (albeit, we put ourselves in twice as many situations to be upset). The SEC still doesn't have 1 OCC road win against BCS team (the ACC has 2). The SEC has 3 chances to beat ACC home teams this week, we will see what happens. Good be a big week for the ACC, if you split the 4 games with the SEC it is win for the ACC, because the SEC is supposed to be sooo much better. You win 3/4 and it is huge for the ACC.

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    "Some people think football is a matter of life and death, I assure you, it is much more serious than that."

  • Great research, croz. The thing that annoys me is that the computers penalized us for playing Savannah St., while the SEC teams are not getting similar treatment for their patsies. Granted, I don't expect the computers to take into account the circumstances of the SSU game (we had WVU scheduled and they backed out...SSU was the best replacement available), but still...how can you get penalized for a game like that?

    There needs to be some consistency in how each of the conferences plays OOC. The equivalent of the ACC/Big 10 college basketball challenge could be a good start. Right now, I'll obviously agree with the majority that the SEC is better than the ACC or the Big 12, for instance. But I wouldn't mind seeing them go at it on the field, instead of now, where it's a lot of comparison btwn. apples and oranges, essentially.

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