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Big Ten paying people to attend title game!?

  • lpnoles86 said... (original post)

    I'm really surprised the Big 10 would even have this problem. And I wouldn't agree that they should rotate stadiums. The reason the Big 10 has great bowl tie-ins is because their fans are notorious for travelling to bowl games in droves. Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio State, Michigan State, etc. all do great jobs putting fans in seats. They are all very large state universities with huge alumni bases and passionate fans. They are the ONLY conference that rivals the SEC in fan support and have 3 universities with stadiums that seat 100,000+ (more than the SEC). I'm not sure Indianapolis is the best place for the game, but I would be really surprised if the game is not packed and rocking at kickoff Saturday night.

    Their fans are famous for traveling to destination city bowl games aka Florida and California.

    Indiana eh not so much.

    They do have big stadiums and their metro areas help alot with filling those. I just think people are lethargic for the game because it is the first year, not everyone wanted this in the conference, and people are deciding between this and bowl game travel. Rotating home stadiums is really not a bad idea at all.

    I think there should be a way to set up a 50/50 split at the home field of one of the teams in the game...that all but guarantees great attendance. I wish the ACC would consider this. Doak would be awesome hosting an ACCCG!

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