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4 weeks early but let's sort through the murmurings

  • Please add your thoughts, rumors from elsewhere, etc.

    Alex Collins --- we are 4th right now. Some think just the right RBs hire could get us back in it.

    Stacy Coley --- the most conservative estimates have us tied for the lead with Miami. We still have a relationship advantage and an OV left. We land him. Grades and character are his two hurdles.

    Arshad Jackson -- I just cant seem to care but we do need a TE.....probably. Seems we are top 2 with a very poignant OV coming up next weekend.

    Laremy Tunsil -- we are 2nd at best, likely 3rd but we have a foot and hand hold now. Just act like he's not interested until you hear he and his mom arrive on campus on February 1st.

    Denver Kirkland --- Miami's rivals site had a very impressive write up done by a recruit of theirs that has taken recruiting other kids very seriously. He has called all their targets and gave his POV on things. He said, Kirkland to FSU. I don't know. He and MT visit Miami on January 18th and 19th. CAN WE GET Kirkland to come up to Tally the next weekend with MT. Not sure they can ride together with it being MT's OV, that might hurt us.

    Tim Williams --- basically he still dreams of playing at Miami, his mom prefers Bama or FSU and Tim happens to like FSU and their new defensive coaches very much. IMO, Canes had their shot when he was supposed to visit for family day just before the season. He didn't make it and now he'll be a Nole. May well have to prep though.
    --- Bama January 11th, Miami Jan 18th, FSU Jan 25th

    Keith Bryant, seems like he is glowing garnet and gold at this point. He is all but committed and I doubt he gets through the week after his January 11th visit without making the announcement. FSU would be smart to push for a declaration.

    Matthew MF'in Thomas --- Cane insiders have been telling their constituents to get excited for going on a month now. Our insiders say to be cautiously optimistic. I have no idea. Bama 11th, Miami 18th, FSU 25th (same as Tim Williams)

    Yannick Ngakoue. Dude has blown up this week. Most saying he's been best LB at practices through early Wednesday. He will visit FSU on January 11th and we can't afford to do anything other than recruit him like he's the guy the whole fanbase is waiting on. Sunseri gives us a puncher's chance here. You still have a desperate and shady Mike Locksley recruiting down the stretch.

    Priest Willis --- UCLA, LSU, FSU. First thing needing mentioned is that all three are confident. That tells me he's either manipulative or overly flattering. I assume the latter and believe a lot of FSU fans sink in their seat very similar to when a few insiders had us thinking Patrick Johnson/Peterson would do the chop. Warchant has totally bought into it, I think we finish third. Thoughts?

    Eddie Jackson --- more Nole than half the folks even on here. Dad just convinced him to enjoy a few free trips first. Dude will commit to FSU and do so with a grin you don't see every month on his face.

    Leon McQuay --- By golly we may just land him yet. Michigan and USC seem out, it's FSU vs Vandy with us having a good amount of momentum it seems. He announces in two days. Thoughts?

  • Alex Collins: I disagree, I'd say we're in the top 2 with Florida, we have as good a shot as anyone to land him.

    Stacy Coley: FSU lock

    Arshad Jackson: Top 2 with Ole Miss, I think we lead slightly.

    Laremy Tunsil: Georgia

    Denver Kirkland: I think we have a pretty good lead here. Miami a slightly distant second.

    Tim Williams: I can't see him going to Miami, I'll say FSU.

    Keith Bryant: FSU Lock

    Matthew Thomas: Slight edge to FSU

    Yannick Ngakoue: No idea but he's not going to FSU.

    Priest Willis: I'll give LSU the lead, FSU is third.

    Eddie Jackson: FSU if the staff will take him, which I think they will.

    Leon McQuay: FSU, I can't see him picking Vandy over us.

  • Read over the weekend that Willis top 3 is UCLA, ASU, and LSU.