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2013 NFL Draft Noles Discussion

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  • I could see the Bucs taking Milliner/Banks, and double-dipping with Rhodes in the 2nd. I would LOVE that.

  • Think Dawkins goes higher than 7th round and Hopkins may too. Pretty much spot on with everything else

  • Werner Top 10

    Rhodes 1st/2nd. im thinking in the 20s after the combine. if he works out well he will be a first rounder

    Jenkins 3rd round

    carradine 3rd round

    EJ - probably 3rd round. as much as you guys like to rag on EJ he has all the physicaly tools you could ever want. if he has a good senior bowl and a good combine(which he definately should) he could move into the 2nd round. i wouldnt rule out late 1st with how willing teams are to reach on qbs

    Dawkins - 4th or 5th round. ive seen him projected as high as late 2nd. im thinking 3rd at earliest

    Pryer - 5th or 6th

    Hopkins - 5-7th he will probably be 1 of 2 kickers actually drafted

    Vince - 6th round. somebody will pick him up because of his physical talent

    Mccloud - 6th. same as vince. he could definately develop into a good player

    Smith - 5th-7th. you cant teach 6'6. hes got talent and could be very effective if used properly

    Thompson - UDFA

    Moody - UDFA

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  • Nobody is going to draft Rodney Smith. Teams aren't looking for tall, soft wide receivers (gregg carr). Bjoern will be a top 5 pick and Lonnie Pryor will be in the league for a long long time.

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  • Werner: top 10. Gone, IMO. After what happened to BJ, I want Werner to leave. He's a great kid and has been nothing but pure class for our program. I want him to maximize his draft stock and do what is best for himself. I think it is clearly in his best interest to leave.

    Rhodes: 1-2. Depends on what his #s are like at combine. Teams looking at him would be smart to play him as a boundary corner, like he was at FSU. Skillset fits in best that way. He's not at true shutdown corner, but can still be an elite CB, if used correctly.

    BJ: 2. We'll see how he tests at combine and if he's healthy enough. An elite player.

    Tank: 2-3. His issue is that he won't be ready for the Senior Bowl or for combine. Teams are basically going to be drafting based on what he did over this season...which was pretty incredible (although a product of Bjoern's constant double-teams).

    EJ: 3-4. NFL coaches will think that they can harness his potential. Don't know if that's true.

    CT: 6-UDFA. Injury was very unfortunate; he hasn't been able to stay healthy consistently. He'll be a very good change of pace back in the NFL.

    Pryor: anywhere from 4-UDFA. This one's tough. His personality and team-first attitude is unparalleled. He is our true leader; the heart of the team. I think that will come through to teams. However, he's not a true power FB in the NFL. That being said, true FBs are a dying breed in the NFL. He's probably going to be a great third down back, because he can pick up blitzes exceptionally well and is a good receiver out of the backfield.

    Hopkins: 5-7. He's going to be the first or second kicker off the board. Depends on how many teams are looking for a rookie K this year. He'll be an NFL kicker, IMO, even if he isn't drafted.

    Dawkins and McCloud: IMO...they have a shot at sneaking into the 6-UDFA region.

    UDFAs: Vince, Rodney Smith, Moody.

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  • good read 34, I tried to post yesterday, but it took so long my reply disappeared into an internet portal.

    Werner-I think he goes in the top 3-4 in a weak draft. He is just so coachable and could play in either scheme. I think he is Chris Long but a little better against the run and Long went #1 overall.

    Tank was creeping into the middle first before his injury. ESPN compares him to Justin Tuck and isn't sure if he can play in a 3-4 as a rush OLB. I disagree on both fronts, he is more comparable to Pierre Paul or Aldon Smith with his long arms and while I can't see him get 19 sacks in a season, he is a better run defender than Smith. I can see a team in the 20's with starting DE's take him as a value pick(best player available) like the Giants did with Pierre Paul. They have two recent Super Bowls because they have a franchise QB and can go get the QB with 3-4 guys on the other side of the ball.

    I thought BJenk was a second round pick last year and he still could slide into the second if he is healthy and gets to work out. If he goes third round, someone is getting a hell of a player. He will have to play in the right system to become a star(3-4) but he is better against the run than people give him credit for.

    Ev doesn't have ideal DT size, but I think he is above average in just about everything(elite in none) that he will be a good rotation guy and could be a starter in a few years. I also think he could play some 5 technique for a team that shows multiple looks. But I agree with 34, that he isn't an every down, 5 tech in a 3-4.

    I'm not sure if Amp ever got healthy this year because he plateaued. ESPN has him as an average pass rusher and a below average run defender. I strongly disagree with this also. He plays with great leverage against the run and squares his shoulders and fights pressure as good as anyone. Just don't expect him to make plays out of his area or in space. I think he could go in the 6 round or a FA. It will be interesting if he can play NT in a 3-4, if so, his value goes up.

    I hate to say this about a NOle, but I would stay away from Rhodes. Unless it's in the third round. He just underwhelms me at his size in run support.

    I don't think Lonnie is even mentioned in ESPN's database. But I have a hard time believing that he wont find a job on Sunday next year.

    Chris if he doesn't get another year, will eventually be a third down change up like Lamichael James. He and Leon are the two best RB's we've had since Dunn IMO. Great football player, better kid and plays much bigger than he is with home run speed and hands.

    I like Rodney's size. I think someone with use a pick on him thinking they can maximize his potential.

    As for the other underclassman, Watson is the only one that I think could really flirt with leaving. But he needs a lot more seasoning and could end up a first rounder in '14.

    I wouldn't touch EJ until round 5-6. He is a career backup IMO. I think he is a phenomenal kid, just not an elite QB.

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  • I missed Vince. I think he will find a job with a 3-4 team as an ILB. Obviously not the greatest athlete, but a good football player that can earn a job initially on Specials.

  • What are you guys thinking on Christian Jones leaving? He seems like a great kid, but it doesn't seem like he eats, drinks and sleeps football. I'm surprised he would want to even leave early.

    First round body and movement skills, 5-6th round instincts and production.

    With a new coordinator and maybe some 3-4 pass rushing reps, that may get him into the first round next year. I think he should absolutely come back.

    Right now I see him late second at best, but most likely 3rd or 4rth round.

  • I could see Dawkins going anywhere from 3rd to 7th.

    He could make a great 3-4 DE at 6'2 302 lbs and with a background in pass rushing and tackle responsibilities.