Is Stevens in or out?

It was homecoming on Friday night when Evans took on Winter Park. Tony Stevens got the party started early catching two touchdowns in the first half. His big play ability was on display, catching two passes over the DB in one-on-one coverage. Evans went on to win the game 35-19 and afterward I caught up with the 4-Star wide receiver to see where his recruitment stands.

WR Tony Stevens has 6 TD catches in 6 games this season.

Josh Newberg: Tell me, did you decommit from Florida State?
Tony Stevens: I'm kind of like deciding right now. Me and my coach are still talking about it.

JN: Have you talked with the FSU staff since decommitting on twitter?
TS: Yeah I talked with coach Trickett and coach Dawsey. We talked and stuff like that.

JN: Are they under the impression you are in the (FSU 2013) class or out of the class?
TS: In the class.

JN: But that is different from what you said on twitter correct?
TS: Yes sir.

JN: You also listed a top 5 that same night on twitter, but did not list FSU.
TS: I just forgot to put Florida State in there.

JN: What do you got going on now?
TS: I got homecoming, a party tomorrow. I'm relaxing.

JN: Gonna enjoy it?
TS: Enjoy it.

JN: One of the reasons you said you were decommitting was that FSU wasn't showing enough love.
TS: It wasn't like that. See, I was just saying I want to take my official visits and see what options are out there.

JN: What are you looking for?
TS: People that are going to pass the ball.

JN: What do you see at Florida State?
TS: Florida State throws the ball.

JN: But you are just unsure now?
TS: Yes.

JN: Will you be making another decision?
TS: Yes sir.

JN: When do you plan on doing that?
TS: Probably at the end of the season.

JN: Ok, what schools are involved right now? I know Ohio State and Georgia.
TS: Yeah, and South Carolina, Louisville, USF and USC.

JN: What was it that made you rethink everything?
TS: Just watching other teams play, like I just thought other teams had better offenses. They have different varieties of formations to get their receivers the ball.

JN: Have you talked with the FSU staff about this stuff?
TS: Not at all.

JN: So I'm just trying to get this straight, you are basically un-committed, right?
TS: Yes.

JN: What's your next visit?
TS: Notre Dame on November 3rd and Ohio State on November 24th.

JN: What about Louisville and USF?
TS: I'm going to set those up after I visit Notre Dame.

JN: Will you visit FSU?
TS: Yeah. I'll go when they play Florida.

JN: That's the same weekend as your Ohio State visit.
TS: Oh yeah. Oooooh, probably going to be after then. Hope they make it to a BCS bowl.

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