Prestwood not surprised by Lynch's decision

When word broke today that DE Aaron Lynch was de-committing from Notre Dame, it was no surprise to OL Jordan Prestwood.

OL Jordan Prestwood

“I talked to him right when it happen,” said Prestwood.

“I’ll back him 100%. I know what he’s going through. Like me, he wants to play football closer to home, I understand where he’s coming from."

Prestwood said he and Lynch have stayed in close contact since Prestwood himself de-committed from Notre Dame, just a few weeks ago.

“It was surprising, but not shocking.”

“We talk almost every other day. I feel we kinda did it for the same reason (de-committing), from what he’s told me, its about being closer to his family.”

Lynch will most likely give all three Florida schools a look (FSU, UM and UF), but Prestwood says he’s going to choose from Florida or Florida State.

“I’ll be in Tallahassee this weekend for my official visit,” said Prestwood.

“I talked to Aaron today about him coming to FSU with me this weekend. We're trying to work it out because I have a visit to UF next weekend and Aaron might go on that one too, so we could see both schools together.”

Although they might take visits together, Prestwood does not consider the two a “package deal”.

“We just want to go through the process together. If it works out that we end up at the same school, that’s great. But we’re planning on making separate decisions.”

Prestwood says he’ll take a couple more visits and talk it over with his parents before making any final decisions.

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