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Many happy returns: Bradham to stay in school

Florida State’s junior outside linebacker Nigel Bradham says he isn’t making the jump to the NFL a year early.

Nigel Bradham will be returning for his senior season: “I don’t feel like I had a good enough year,” he said.

The 6-foot-2, 240-pound athlete certainly possesses the physical ability to play football at the highest level, and barring an unforeseen circumstance he will. But Bradham feels like there is just too much unfinished business and too good of an opportunity to leave Florida State now.

“We pretty much just set the tone for next year,” he said. We have a lot of people coming back next year and we want to compete for a national championship.

“I don’t feel like I had a good enough year.”

Growing up as a Seminoles fan just outside Tallahassee, Bradham truly wants to play a role to help the program be successful. There are more perks than just winning too.

“Most definitely,” Bradham began. “And then you want to graduate and we are going to be a really good team next year. When you have potential like this, you have to see it through.”

A lot of talk prior to the New Year’s Eve kickoff in Atlanta focused on South Carolina’s physical toughness and how it would be an advantage.

The Seminoles didn’t like that too much. From the very beginning, Florida State came out delivering big hits, including a punishing deliver on Marcus Lattimore via Greg Reid that would knock out the Gamecocks’ star back for the remainder of the contest.

“A lot of people were talking about the SEC size and all that. We pretty much took that through all the bowl practices and all that. We went into it as we are Florida State and we can play with anybody. We came ready to play.”

Bradham finished Florida State’s 26-17 victory with four total tackles to his credit.

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