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James meets Vice President Biden

Military veteran and senior Florida State forward Bernard James had the opportunity to meet with Vice President Joe Biden on Monday afternoon in Tallahassee.

Pictured: James honored at a football game for his service this past fall.

Biden, who was in town for the day, spoke to community members and students about rising college costs.

James discussed the meeting with the press detailing Biden's apparent attraction to the game of basketball.

Q: How was it to be able to meet with Vice President Biden?

James: He is a great guy. He knew a lot more about basketball than I thought he would. I am standing in line to get a picture with him and he was like, "Hey, I know this guy right here." I was like, "Me?" He is a nice guy. We talked for a few minutes. We talked about the military and stuff. I was just honored to be able to meet him and to feel so welcomed in his presence.

Q: Coming from the military, what was it like to speak with someone of his ranking or stature?

James: It was amazing. You don't really get that opportunity when you are in the military, typically. There are so many people, he can't just meet everyone. It was just great that basketball could provide that opportunity to meet the Vice President.

Q: Have you ever had the chance to meet President Obama?

James: No, I would love to. But I haven't yet.

Q: Did Vice President Biden say anything that you will remember for a while?

James: Probably just him saying, "Hey, I know this guy." The fact that he actually follows college basketball and knows my name, my face.

Q: When did you find out that you would be the one to go and have the chance to meet him?

James: A couple of days ago. Coach Hamilton called me and told me that I need to be at the gym at 11 o'clock today and I could meet Vice President Biden if he had time. I've known for a couple of days, but I wasn't really sure if it was going to workout, but I am glad it did.

Q: Did you let your mom know about all of this?

James: Yeah, I was actually texting her while he was speaking, "I am about to meet Vice President Biden." She was really happy for me and my opportunity.

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