Practice quick hitters - 12/29

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  • Chris Nee

    Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher

    "Good football day. Little warmer than we had the last couple of days. Kids responded very well. I love our conditioning, the tempo of practice is excellent, the execution has been very good. I’m very anxious to watch us play because I hope we play close to the way we practice because I’ve been extremely pleased. We haven’t practiced like this for a while. The precision we’ve played with, offense, defense, special teams kids got a really good attitude, so looking forward to the game hopefully we’ll play well."

    "I just think it’s time to play, you haven’t played for a while and you get a chance to play in the BCS, you understand your opportunity. You want to do well [and] represent yourself and your school and your family well. I just think they’re excited about being here and excited about winning a championship."

    On Mario Edwards

    "Tremendous. It’s like another spring ball for him. He has no clue how good he can be. He has no idea. The power, the speed, the execution the details. I can say sometimes he does more by accident than some people do on purpose because he’s so gifted and he’s so powerful. He works at it, he’s going to be a heck of a player."

    Health of team

    "Yes, we’re pretty healthy. We’re moving around good, knock on wood, the games in a couple more days."

    On Lamarcus’ Joyner’s health

    "Yeah he practiced the whole day. Had a little temperature and we let him sweat it out and take some medicine and he was flying around like normal Joyner."

    What’s left to do?

    "The mental preparation. The last 48 hours is very critical. We really dot ‘i’s and cross t’s and really understand what we’re going in the game with and how we’re gone call it when we’re gone call it and have the kids totally prepared [so] there’s no surprises cause you’ve had all this time. Hopefully they’ll relax and execute and don’t get nervous about it. We just gotta have those good walk-throughs on Friday."

    On Junior NFL prospects

    "Those guys are great young men and they’re going to play and do the things they’ve got to do and that’s going to be a problem here hopefully if we keep going on and guys keep developing and something you [deal as a coach]. Like they say you can use it as two things, one I can play and if I’m deciding I may go out that I don’t want to get hurt or I can sell the Pros look what else I can do look how much better I’ve gotten in the last month. I think most of those guys have that attitude hopefully."

    Crowd noise at practice

    "Well you know what happens sometimes, when you do that what you don’t realize people say is it can be distracting, but it actually makes you concentrate more sometimes they focus more because they know that you’re doing that. It locks them more into a game mode and sometimes their execution really goes up on days like that. But we’re just preparing for everything. We try to mix it up [not just white noise], I like this better. Good thing too the speakers are up higher instead of down on the ground."

    Northern Illinois Head Coach Rod Carey:

    How was practice today?

    "It was pretty good, we lighten up abit on them, we had to because the players need to get their legs back. It was sharp though, we've been practicing for a month now, there's only so many times you can run the same plays right?"

    What have you learned about dealing with the gap since your last regular season game till now?

    "Well this isn't something new to us. We've been in a bunch of bowls, so we're use to doing it. You have to break it up into two parts: first is developmental, you have to finish up your final exams, let the players be students as in “student-atheletes” and the second part is you have to get your gameplan in, you have to practice it and get down to the bowl in person."

    Have your play designs and play calling become more elaborate because you've had more time to prepare and practice?

    "That's a trap for coaches isn't it? We get too much time we draw too many plays, so yes but what you do is that you strip it back. Because you can only run 75 plays on average in a game so if you have 230 on your call sheet that's not too good."

    Regarding the DT position being shared by Anthony Wills and Bishop and who will start.

    "I've not made a decision. They're both awesome, they both play well and will play a lot of the time."

    On the importance of depth on defense against FSU's offense.

    "You have to play more people agaisnt their offense because you have to chase them down, tackle them and get them down. Then you have to put someone else who's fresh so you don't lose a step because if you lose a step against FSU, it could worth be 80 yards."

    What does FSU do defensively that causes trouble?

    "These guys are sound in what they do, and they have third down packages that are pretty exotic and you have to prep for those and for the things they do converge wise that poses challenges. They're just really well coached and when you go against team that are really well coached, they represent all sorts of problems. And you've had a month to practice for them and you think you know them until they do something different and then you have to adjust."

    Chris Nee of You can follow me on twitter @CNee247.

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